What is the easiest way to defeat Miraak?

What is the easiest way to defeat Miraak?

The tactic against Miraak is quite easy – stay as close to him as possible and attack in close combat (he’s far more dangerous during a ranged fight). The enemy can use multiple spells – especially electricity – but isn’t great in a normal fight.

How do I beat Miraak at the summit of Apocrypha?

To finally face off against Miraak, read the Black Book: Waking Dreams to return to the area of Apocrypha you first met him in. Travel through the different ‘Chapters’ of the book and at last you will come upon Miraak’s Serpentine Dragon. Use the Bend Will Shout on the Dragon to make it land and ride it.

How do I complete Miraak quest?

Once back in the Temple, speak with Frea who will suggest you head to her village. Follow her out of the temple and towards the Skaal Village, past the Wind Stone where many of her people toil on in a trance. Speak with the Skaal Shaman to complete this quest and start the quest, The Fate of the Skaal.

How do you beat Miraak glitch?

You have to use dragonrend to force the friendly dragon down and kill him after you kill the second dragon and miraak is out of his ethereal state, then he consumes his soul before he goes into the ethereal state and once you drive his health back down old mori will do the rest 😁 hope this helps!

How do I get Miraak out of ethereal?

Whenever Miraak is stuck in his Ethereal form, just ride on Saarothtarr but do not fly around, ride on him and wait until the second dragon lands, then quickly jump off Saarothtarr, use the bow to attack the dragon until you manage to kill it to trigger the absorption by Miraak.

How do you activate the bend will shout?

Bend Will is a dragon shout obtained by progressing through the Dragonborn expansion’s main questline. After learning and unlocking the first word, you are able to cleanse the All-Maker Stones located throughout the island by shouting at them. This allows you to activate the stones, gaining their respective Powers.