What is the qualification for ground staff at IndiGo airlines?

What is the qualification for ground staff at IndiGo airlines?

Eligibility Criteria for Indigo Ground Staff Interview Desired applicant skills – good communication skills, customer service aptitude, open to working in rotational shifts, and working under pressure. Airport operations experienced applicants will be preferred for Indigo careers ground staff.

What is the work of ground staff in IndiGo?

Ground staff at the airport, work in shifts and have an important role in daily operations. Handling passenger queries, cabin cleaning, catering, ticket sales, planning, monitoring and controlling airline flight operations are some of the responsibilities they perform.

What is the salary of ground staff in airlines in India?

Ground Staff Salaries

Job Title Salary
Spicejet Ground Staff salaries – 8 salaries reported ₹29,598/mo
IndiGo Airlines Ground Staff salaries – 6 salaries reported ₹24,166/mo
Jet Airways Ground Staff salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹25,028/mo
Air India Ground Staff salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹37,265/mo

What are the duties of ground staff?

Ground Staff Responsibilities:

  • Greeting and welcoming passengers, and responding to questions.
  • Checking in baggage.
  • Making reservations.
  • Selling airline tickets.
  • Stocking aircraft with refreshments.
  • Cleaning aircraft after flights.
  • Assisting disabled passengers and those with small children.

What is the starting salary of IndiGo?

Indigo Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Commercial Pilot Range:₹141k – ₹5m Average:₹1,356,897
Security Officer Range:₹138k – ₹515k Average:₹250,098
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Range:₹164k – ₹2m Average:₹671,918
Ground Attendant (Aviation/Airlines) Range:₹167k – ₹589k (Estimated *) Average:₹320,118

How many rounds are there in IndiGo ground staff?

Usually it’s 3 round interview process. 1.

Does IndiGo take money for interview?

Do Not pay any fee for interview registration, application process, uniform, etc.