Did Brendan Fevola break the Guinness World Record?

Did Brendan Fevola break the Guinness World Record?

Brendan Fevola has been left with injured hands after trying to break the world record for highest altitude catch. The 40-year-old former AFL great attempted to beat NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski, who recently caught a football from a hovering helicopter at 600 feet (182 metres).

What happened to brendan Fevola?

Fevola has been diagnosed with depression, and he underwent 51 days of extensive rehabilitation in 2011; both his agent and manager have associated many of Fevola’s antics with his depression.

Did FEV mark the ball?

Though the ball was initially adjudged out of bounds, the officiating boundary umpire was overruled by field umpire Kieran Nichols (God bless him) as Fevola’s mark was rightly deemed a one-grabber rather than a juggler as he fell across the line.

Who is fevola father?

Brendan FevolaMia Fevola / Father

What did fevola do at Brownlow?

The former Carlton and Brisbane star, who was working for Channel Nine’s AFL Footy Show at the time, pretended to attack then-Carlton superstar Chris Judd, made sexual jokes to his partner Bec, kissed Sydney Swans midfielder Ryan O’Keefe and snapped at the condescension of James Hird.

Is Brendan Fevola married?

Alex FevolaBrendan Fevola / Spouse (m. 2005–2014)

How much did Brendan Fevola lose gambling?

“So I rang the bookie the next day to try and get it out but when you’ve got a bookie you can’t get it out until the Monday. So Sunday night I was 20 (thousand) down. So I lost $360,000 in three days. That’s my biggest loss.”

When did fevola leave Carlton?

In 2009, Carlton Football Club’s decision to trade two-time AFL leading goal-kicker Brendan Fevola to Brisbane created a storm not seen at Princes Park for 30 years; since the traumatic defection of club legend Alex Jesaulenko and charismatic President George Harris in the great split of 1979.

Who is Fevolas boyfriend?

What went wrong? Mia Fevola, 21, splits from her AFL star boyfriend Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, 19, after just six months and completely wipes the Western Bulldogs player from her Instagram account. Brendan Fevola’s stepdaughter Mia has split from her AFL star boyfriend Jamarra Ugle-Hagan.

Who was Alex Fevola first husband?

Brendan Fevola
She married Brendan Fevola on 7 October 2005 at St John’s Church, Toorak. However, in December 2006 it was announced that they were separated after 14 months of marriage, amid allegations of Fevola’s infidelity with Lara Bingle.

Who are MIA Fevolas parents?

Alex Fevola
Mia Fevola/Parents

Who won the Brownlow 2009?

Brownlow Medallists: 1924 – Present

Year Player Votes
2011 Dane Swan 34
2010 Chris Judd 30
2009 Gary Ablett 30
2008 Adam Cooney 24