What berries are similar to sloe berries?

What berries are similar to sloe berries?

Sloes, wild damsons, wild cherry plums and bullaces all came from the same family – albeit distant relations. They all have stones and the bushes have similar leaves. The main problem seems to be differentiating sloes and wild damsons as they are both small and dark.

What does a sloe berry taste like?

They are a cousin of the cherry and they taste rather like damsons, to which they are also related. Sloes are extremely tart when they first ripen in October, but winter frosts mellow their taste to give them a rich almondy sourness.

Are juniper berries the same as sloe berries?

The main ingredient of sloe gin is the sloe berry and gin is derived from the juniper berry. Sloe gin can have a lower alcohol content than gin. Gin is less sweet than sloe gin. Gin is made from traditional distillation processes while sloe gin is made from mixing sugar and sloe berries and steeping in gin.

Can sloes be confused with other berries?

Sloes have shorter stems and hug the branches more. Elderberries can cause some confusion when it comes to identifying them from other berries that could be toxic. The main thing to remember is that if you are unsure at all, do not pick them and do not eat too many when they are raw as they can have toxic qualities.

Where can I find sloe berries?

Discover when and how to harvest sloes and what to do with the berries. Sloes (Prunus spinosa) can often be found growing wild on roadsides, slopes or in hedgerows. Birds love the dark blue berries and find plenty of food on blackthorn bushes in autumn.

What is the difference between sloe berries and blueberries?

Blackthorn or sloe berries from the prunus spinosa look like blueberries. But unlike blueberries, they have a tart flavour so are best cooked before eating. They are often used to make jam or the liqueur sloe gin. Sloe berries are found on thorny shrubs and small trees and are often planted as hedgerows.

Does gin taste like sloe?

Sloe Gin’s Flavor Depends on Ingredient Quality “High quality [sloe gin] is going to taste plummy and have an earthy, raisiny like quality. They are often very sweet. Good ones tend to also have notes of almonds, which comes from the pit of the fruit.”

Where can I find sloes?

Sloes are the berries off the flowering blackthorn bushes, which is a common species found all over the UK. You’ll find blackthorn in most hedgerows. Each year the amount of fruit on blackthorn bushes varies greatly, depending on the weather throughout the year.

What month do you pick sloes?

Sloes should be picked when ripe and rich dark blue-purple in colour, and can be squashed. Some may have already fallen to the ground naturally. Traditionally sloes shouldn’t be picked until after the first frost, as it’s thought the frost splits the skin.

How do you identify a sloe?

The fruits, called sloes, are bluish-black ‘drupes’, often with a waxy coating. The fruit is round, between 1 and 1.5cm long, and contains one large stone and, normally, not much flesh. They are rich in vitamin C, but very sour to taste.