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What does driven machinery regulation 18 stand for?

What does driven machinery regulation 18 stand for?

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ACT – SECTION 18. DEFINITIONS. Block and Tackle – means a lifting device consisting of one or more pulley blocks reeved with fibre. ropes, used solely for the raising and lowering of a load or for moving it horizontally, but does not.

What is the aim of regulation concerning the design manufacture and operation of driven machinery?

These Regulations shall apply to the design, manufacture, operation, repair, modification, maintenance, inspection, testing and commissioning of driven machinery. Notes: (a) The aim of this regulation is to ensure the safety of operators, maintenance providers as well as inspection and testing providers operate safely.

What is a gmr2 1?

GMR 2 (1) supervisor of machinery.

What is the main regulation relating to crane operation in the OHS Act?

The user shall ensure that every lifting machine is operated by an operator specifically trained for a particular type of lifting machine: Provided that in the case of a lift truck with a lifting capacity of 750 kg or more and jib-cranes with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg or more at minimum jib radius, the user shall …

Why was Loler introduced?

Act 1974 which came into force in Great Britain on 5 December 1998 and replaced a number of other pieces of legislation which previously covered the use of lifting equipment. The purpose of the regulations was to reduce the risk of injury from lifting equipment used at work.

What is a lifting machinery entity?

“lifting machinery entity” means a legal entity approved and registered by the chief. inspector in terms of regulation 19; “lifting machinery inspector” means a person who is employed by a Lifting.

Is a forklift a lifting machine?

The lifting machine /equipment codes denote the different types of lifting machine/ equipment that are covered under this Code of Practice primarily lift- trucks (also known as forklift) and cranes.

What is a 16.2 appointment?

The appointment as a 16.2 simply means as per the Occupational health and Safety act no 85 of 1993 point number 16.2; that the CEO has appointed a senior staff member in the company / branch to ensure the OHS act is complied with and meets all legal requirements.

What is a gmr2 7?

Categories: Legal-Appointments, Mandatory-Health-and-Safety-Appointments. R150.78 Excl VAT. Assistant to the Competent Person in Relation to the Supervision of Machinery GMR 2(7) Appointment.

What are construction regulations?

In a nutshell the aim of the Construction Regulations is to place legal responsibilities on all key stakeholders in the construction industry to address and radically improve health and safety issues on construction sites.

Is Loler a legal requirement?

LOLER Inspections These are a legal requirement and should be carried out by a competent person.

What legislation covers PPE?

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992
The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 seeks to ensure that where risks cannot be controlled by other means PPE should be correctly identified and put into use.