What is the name ditch short for?

What is the name ditch short for?

This unusual name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a topographical surname denoting residence by a ditch or dike, derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century “dic”, dike, ditch. The plural form represents the survival of the Olde English genitive case, meaning “of” the dike.

What is the another word of ditch?

throw out, throw away, discard, get rid of, dispose of, do away with, shed. abandon, drop, shelve, scrap, jettison, throw on the scrapheap. informal dump, junk, scrub, axe, get shut of, chuck, chuck away, chuck out, pull the plug on, knock on the head.

What is meant by ditch in relationship?

If someone ditches someone, they end a relationship with that person. [informal] I can’t bring myself to ditch him and start again. [ VERB noun] Synonyms: leave, drop, abandon, desert More Synonyms of ditch.

Are you ditching me meaning?

To leave, abandon, or purposefully lose someone.

What is a huge ditch called?

gutter, sheugh. [chiefly Scottish], trench, trough.

What is bigger than a ditch?

A trench is a type of excavation or depression in the ground that is generally deeper than it is wide (as opposed to a wider gully or ditch), and narrow compared to its length (as opposed to a simple hole).

How can I ditch my boyfriend?

What to Say and How to Say It

  1. Tell your BF or GF that you want to talk about something important.
  2. Start by mentioning something you like or value about the other person.
  3. Say what’s not working (your reason for the break-up).
  4. Say you want to break up.
  5. Say you’re sorry if this hurts.
  6. Say something kind or positive.

Are ditches deep?

Ditches are described as having a depth that is measured from profile grade and bottoms that typically have a normal cross slope of 0%. The normal ditch depth for rural highways is 5 feet and the normal ditch width is 10 feet. For divided roadways, the median ditch depth is 4 feet, as defined by ‘M’ in Figure 1 below.

How do you ditch a guy?

10 Non-Confrontational Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy Who Just Won’t…

  1. Not looking. Tell him you’re not looking for anything serious.
  2. I’m busy with ___ (fill in the blank)___.
  3. Phase yourself out.
  4. Be boring.
  5. Be ugly.
  6. Be contrary.
  7. Cut him off.
  8. Friend zone him.

Does ditch mean cheating?

If someone ditches someone, they end a relationship with that person.

How do you use ditch in a sentence?

Ditch sentence example

  1. Would he ditch her and run off with the other woman?
  2. We all ran down this ditch to help and then I saw it was Bobbie.
  3. How do you ditch a motor home in the middle of Kansas?