When it will rain in Nashik?

When it will rain in Nashik?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Conditions Precipitation
Day Temperature Chance
Thu Apr 7 102 / 75 °F 0%
Fri Apr 8 102 / 74 °F 0%
Sat Apr 9 99 / 71 °F 0%

What is today’s Nashik climate?

Today’s temperature in Nashik is 22°c.

How many days rain will come in Nashik?

Nashik Weather ForecastNashik Weather Forecast

Nashik Weather Today (1–3 days) Mostly dry. Warm (max 35°C on Sun afternoon, min 26°C on Sat night). Wind will be generally light.
°C Sat 26 Sunday 27
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High 32 35

Which is the coldest month in Maharashtra?

Averages are for Mumbai / Santacruz, which is 10 miles from Mumbai. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015….

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month May (87 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (76 °F avg)
Wettest Month July (19.49″ avg)
Windiest Month July (8 mph avg)

Is Nashik safe to travel?

NASHIK: Commissioned by the state government to carry out a survey on tourism in Nashik, the Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd (TFCI), which is a central agency, has found out that Nashik is not a safe place for tourists to visit due to the non-cooperation of local citizens, rising crime, poor santiation and poo …

Is Mumbai cold in December?

December Weather in Mumbai India. Daily high temperatures decrease by 3°F, from 90°F to 87°F, rarely falling below 82°F or exceeding 94°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 71°F to 67°F, rarely falling below 61°F or exceeding 76°F.

Is Mumbai hot or cold?

Mumbai’s climate can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensure temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year. The mean average is 27.2 °C and average precipitation is 242.2 cm (95.35 inches).

Which food item is famous in Nashik?

A particularly popular dish in Nashik is Misal Pav which is a spicy, sprouts and chick pea based curry topped with crispy rice flakes and served with pav, a soft fluffy bread bun.