How do I crop an image in AI?

How do I crop an image in AI?

Cropping an image in Illustrator CC using the Crop button Select your image with the Selection Tool. Then click the Crop Image button on the upper toolbar. Drag the corners/anchors to crop your image exactly the way you want (as long as what you want is a rectangle).

How do you insert a table in Adobe Illustrator?

How to Make a Table in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbar.
  2. Click anywhere on the canvas and enter the width and height that you want for your rectangle.
  3. With your rectangle selected, change the Fill and Stroke colors from the Properties panel located on the right.

How do I make a table in InDesign 2022?

Create a text-frame in InDesign. Click on Table in the main menu bar and click on Insert Table… In the Insert Table windows, set the number of rows and columns you want in your table and click OK . As you see in the screenshot, you can also set the number of header rows, footer rows, and the Table Style.

How do I crop an image in InDesign?

Steps to Crop an Image in InDesign:

  1. Click the gray circle in the center of your image.
  2. Constrain your image proportions.
  3. Click and drag a corner out to expand the image.
  4. Drag the gray circle to crop the image.

How do you crop in Illustrator CS5?

Crop Images using Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator CS5

  1. Open the image you want to crop.
  2. Using the Pen tool (P) draw out a shape in which you want to crop the image, over the image.
  3. With both the object selected (image and the shape) go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make or key in the shortcut Ctrl + 7.

How do I create columns in InDesign?

Use InDesign to add columns to an existing document.

  1. Go to the “Pages” menu and double-click the page you want to open.
  2. Select the text area where you want to add columns.
  3. Go to the “Layout” menu.
  4. In the “Columns” window, enter the number of columns you want.
  5. You also can add columns from the “Object” menu.

How do I insert an Excel Table into Illustrator?

On the Mac, in Excel, select the chart, then Shift-click the Edit menu and choose “Copy Picture”. An options dialog will appear, try the default options. Then go to AI and paste. The chart will come in as a vector graphic.

How do I use the rectangular grid tool in Illustrator?

You can find the grid tool on the tool panel under the line tool. Long-click the line tool to select the “rectangular grid tool”. Then click anywhere on the document to open a dialog that will allow you to enter the values you want for your grid. You don’t choose the number of column but the number of dividers.