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How is Denise related to Patrick EastEnders?

How is Denise related to Patrick EastEnders?

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) discovers that a member of Patrick’s band is her father although she is unsure which member. Patrick takes a DNA test and it is revealed that he is not Denise’s father, but he pretends he is as he has grown attached to her.

How old is Patrick Trueman in real life?

Patrick Trueman is 80-years-old in EastEnders, but the actor who plays him, Rudolph Walker, is 81-years-old and was born on 28 September 1939.

Is Pearl Kims real daughter?

Kim had a daughter Pearl (played by Aureya), born on February 19, 2015, and a son Mica (played by an unknown baby), born on December 24, 2018. Is one of 25 EastEnders (1985) actors to compete in Strictly Come Dancing (2004).

Who is Aiden from EastEnders?

Aidan Brosnan
Portrayed by Sean Maguire
First appearance Episode 830 14 January 1993
Last appearance Episode 930 28 December 1993
Introduced by Leonard Lewis

Who is Denise Fox married to?

Introduced as a single mother to Chelsea Fox (Tiana Benjamin) and Libby Fox (Belinda Owusu), the latter of whom was conceived from a vituperative marriage, Denise has gone on to marry three additional times….

Denise Fox
Classification Present; regular
Other names Denise Wicks Denise Johnson

How old is Sharon son in EastEnders?

Sharon’s son, Dennis, was 13 years old when he died, meaning he was about 12 when he slept with Jada. EastEnders has confirmed that Jada is now 16 years old, making her about 14 when Dennis died.

Are Kim and Denise sister EastEnders?

Kim Fox (also Fox-Hubbard) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Tameka Empson. She is the half-sister of Denise Fox (Diane Parish), and aunt to Chelsea Fox (Tiana Benjamin/Zaraah Abrahams) and Libby Fox (Belinda Owusu).

Who owns Patricks house in EastEnders?

Later in 2014 when Patrick had a stroke, Denise moved in to help Patrick recover. In 2015 Kim decided to sell her share and separate the house into 2 by selling off number 18, Making 18-20 Albert Square seperate again. Denise and Patrick temporarily moved into Number 1 with Kim and Vincent.

Is Tameka from EastEnders pregnant?

Tameka got pregnant in 2019, she said. Revealing she had another child on Loose Women in July, Tameka said: “I’ve been contributing to the human race… I have a baby boy, a bouncing baby boy.”

How old is Tameka Empson?

44 years (April 16, 1977)Tameka Empson / Age

Is Vincent Hubbard dead?

Vincent Hubbard was the husband of Kim Fox and father of Pearl and Mica. In 2021, Phil Mitchell revealed that he had been killed by the hitmen of Aidan Maguire.

What happened to Aidan and Mandy in EastEnders?

The homelessness storyline spelt the end of the couple in the soap, Sean Maguire having chosen to leave to pursue other projects. During the episode that aired on 28 December 1993, Aidan — resenting Mandy for her role in his misfortune — left to return to Ireland alone.