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Who wears stoles at graduation?

Who wears stoles at graduation?

For high school graduations, commencement speakers, valedictorians, and salutatorians will wear stoles that indicate their academic standing among their peers. Other graduates may wear stoles to represent their extracurricular memberships such as drama, foreign language, science, speech & debate, or volunteer efforts.

Is Delta Chi a sorority?

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is a Latina founded, 501(c)(7), national sorority who aims to achieve professional development, academic excellence, and graduation of all its members; an organization dedicated to community service to their local university communities with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population.

What is the difference between a graduation stole and a graduation cord?

Many often confuse stoles and cords, as while they essentially serve the same purpose, cords are more geared towards academic achievements and awards. Stoles, on the other hand, can be just about anything you want it to be – student organizations, cultural identity, etc.

Why do people wear stoles at graduation?

A graduation stole, also commonly referred to as a graduation sash, is worn by graduates to demonstrate their academic achievement and/or their involvement in a professional organization, student club, or a fraternity or sorority during their time in school.

What is Delta Chi known for?

Delta Chi (ΔΧ) is an international Greek letter collegiate social fraternity formed on October 13, 1890, at Cornell University, initially as a professional fraternity for law students….

Delta Chi
Founded October 13, 1890 Cornell University
Type Social
Affiliation NIC
Scope United States, Canada

What does leges mean Delta Chi?

Additional Information

FLOWER White Carnation
SYMBOL Knight-errant
MOTTO “Leges” or “Law”
PHILANTHROPY The “V” Foundation

Does everyone get a stole for graduation?

In fact, many educational institutions worldwide recognize a single color standard to represent the same academic disciplines throughout. Considering that a stole can represent any major, all four-year college graduates technically qualify to wear a graduation stole at their ceremony.

Can I wear a custom stole to graduation?

What GPA do you need to get a gold cord?

3.7-3.89 is Magna Cum Laude and wears one green and one gold honor cord (as a double cord), and 3.9-4.0 is Summa Cum Laude and is signified by the wearing of a double gold cord.

What does the serape stole mean?

A sarape sash is a type of graduation stole that features beautiful Mexican-inspired colorful patterns. When it comes to purchasing a sarape sash for your graduation ceremony, the best place to purchase it is right here at