How do you get the Super Guide in Donkey Kong returns?

How do you get the Super Guide in Donkey Kong returns?

By the Kongs approaching the checkpoint stall, a speech bubble will appear over the Tutorial Pig displaying a button prompt. If the player press the button displayed, a message box will offer the option of activating the Super Guide mode, where the Super Kongs will be summon in order to clear the current level.

What happens when you get all the puzzle pieces in Donkey Kong Country Returns?

After collecting all the five Puzzle Pieces in the Key Temple level of a world, and beating the world boss once, the player will unlock a diorama in the Diorama Gallery.

What do the KONG letters do in Donkey Kong Country?

The K-O-N-G Letters are collectible items found in every stage of the Donkey Kong Country series and the Donkey Kong Land series. Collecting all four letters (K, O, N and G) earns the Kongs an extra life. K-O-N-G Letters are entirely optional, as they do not affect the game’s completion percentage.

What do you do in Donkey Kong Country Returns?

The game’s story focuses on an evil group of Tiki-like creatures known as the Tiki Tak Tribe that are unleashed on Donkey Kong Island and hypnotize the island’s animals to stealing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s banana hoard, prompting the two to traverse the island to reclaim it.

How do you roll jump in Donkey Kong?

The first thing you need to do is master the roll-jump — like any Donkey Kong Country game, the roll-jump can make or break your experience. All you have to do is roll off a ledge, then jump afterwards (it’s like you’re jumping in mid-air).

How many copies of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze were sold?

According to the latest data, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Switch lifetime sales are currently 2.08 million units. This means it has outsold the Wii U version, which moved 1.98 million pieces worldwide.

What happens if you get all the KONG letters in tropical freeze?

There are four KONG letters to find across each level in Tropical Freeze, but the trick is that you have to get them all during one run – they reset each time you load the level. Several puzzle pieces can also be found in each level, and these collectibles will unlock bonus levels and game art, respectively.