How many fire halls are in Langley?

How many fire halls are in Langley?

seven fire halls
Fire protection and backup emergency medical services are provided to the citizens of the Township from seven fire halls located throughout the Township.

Can I have a fire in my backyard Langley BC?

Open air burning is only allowed in the Township of Langley during permitted burning seasons, which are held in the spring and fall to allow residents to clean up their yard and garden debris or to clear land. Permits are required and burning is allowed only in certain rural areas, weather permitting.

What caused Langley condo fire?

A few months after a whole wing of the Paddington Square condo in Langley City burned down, the provincial fire code was changed to require sprinklers on exterior patios of all low-rise condos. The Paddington fire is thought to have started with a cigarette that sparked a fire on a top-floor balcony.

Where can I have a fire in Langley?

Derby Reach Regional Park, on the banks of the Fraser River, is a favourite riverside camp cookout spot for many families in the Langley area. It offers a large number of firepits, especially during the off-season when the campsites are not fully booked.

Can I have a fire in BC?

Given current weather conditions, BC Wildfire Service has implemented fire bans across most of the province, to help protect communities, our forests and infrastructure from wildfire.

Is there a fire ban in Nanaimo?

The Province has lifted the campfire ban. The City of Nanaimo is advising residents that small contained cooking fires are allowed.

Are outdoor fires allowed in Vancouver?

Recreational Fires Yes. Recreational fires not wider than 3 feet or taller than 2 feet are allowed. Only firewood or charcoal may be used in a recreational fire. A permit is not required from the Vancouver Fire Marshal for a recreational fire.

Are beach fires legal in BC?

A: Unless it is on private land or in an area administered by a third party (i.e., The BC Ferry Corporation), then the public can have a fire anywhere on the beach as long as it is safe and they are complying with the applicable regulations and/or bylaws for the area.

Has the fire ban been lifted in BC?

Campfire bans now lifted for most of B.C., with southern Vancouver Island the lone exception. As of noon Friday, campfires are once again allowed across most of British Columbia, with only the drought-challenged region of southern Vancouver Island still covered by restrictions.

Are backyard fires allowed in BC?

Natural gas outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are legal in BC Both natural gas fireplaces and fire pits are legal for use in BC, unlike wood-fuelled backyard fires which are banned in many municipalities.

Are backyard fire pits legal in Vancouver?

Open burning permit Wood burning appliances, such as chimneas and fire pits, are not allowed anywhere on private or public property in Vancouver.