What is April Taurus birthstone?

What is April Taurus birthstone?

Birthstones by Astrological Sign

Astrological Sign Dates Birthstones
Taurus Apr 21 to May 21 Sapphire for self-expression and truth
Gemini May 22 to Jun 21 Agate for balance and stability
Cancer Jun 22 to Jul 22 Emerald for love and kindness
Leo Jul 23 to Aug 22 Onyx for strength and calm

What is the birthstone for April 20th?

Birthstones by time frame

Month 15th–20th century U.S. (2019)
April diamond, sapphire diamond
May emerald, agate emerald
June cat’s eye, turquoise, agate pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
July turquoise, onyx ruby

Which stone is lucky for Taurus?

The lucky stone of the Taurus zodiac sign natives is emerald as the ruling planet of this zodiac sign in Venus. This lucky stone can influence the complete personality and life of the Taurus natives and help them transform their energies for betterment in all spheres of life.

What are the two birthstones for Taurus?

The Taurus birthstone is primarily the Emerald. But there are also a number of other gems associated with this star sign. Born between April 20 and May 20th, Taurus is the second zodiac sign.

What is a Taurus birthstone color?

THE TAURUS BIRTHSTONE COLOR IS ASSOCIATED WITH FERTILITY, REBIRTH AND LOVE. Those born in May, or under the star sign of the bull, have Emerald as their birthstone color.

Is Taurus birthstone diamond or Emerald?

The gemstones that have earned the title of Taurus birthstones are diamond, emerald, rose quartz, aventurine, and amethyst.

What is the April birthstone color?

April Birthstone: Diamond

Category Native Mineral
Color Typically yellow, brown, or gray to colorless. Rarely a diamond can be blue, green, black, translucent white, pink, violet, orange, purple, or red.
Hardness 10
Luster Adamantine
Streak Colorless

What does April birthstone look like?

The April birthstone color is known to be colorless or white. Meanwhile, colored diamonds aren’t uncommon as they can exist in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, gray, and black.

What color represents Taurus?

The Taurus color is green, grounded in earth energy. It’s no surprise that fresh green nurtures the Taurus spirit and reinforces a connection to nature and growth since this is a sign of absolute progress. This sign loves to see things grow and thrive.

What color eyes do Taurus have?

Taurus. As per Vedic Astrology, a Taurus will have attractive and large eyes that are black in color. They are highly sensitive and extremely emotional people.

What is Taurus birthstone color?

What color Is Taurus?