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What is estimatedHeightForRowAt?

What is estimatedHeightForRowAt?

In that case the OS use estimatedHeightForRowAt as a default (This optimizes your loading time), but then if specified a different height for a row then it would use that. As for what to put there: If there is no variation then you put the same 300. Basically you put your default/most expected height there.

How do I change cell size in Swift?

There are two easy solutions:

  1. Set the text on both labels to nil (or “” ). Then the labels will have zero height.
  2. Wrap the labels into a UIStackView with vertical layout direction. Then setting . isHidden = true will effectively remove the labels too.

How do I resize UITableViewCell?

You can only resize a UITableViewCell in tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath: delegate method. You have to estimate what the size of the text will be when that method is called for every row when the tableView is loaded.

How do I add a space between tables in cells?

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  1. Use sections instead of rows.
  2. Each section should return one row.
  3. Assign your cell data using indexPath.section , instead of row.
  4. Implement UITableView delegate method heightForHeader and return your desired spacing.

What is estimatedRowHeight?

The estimated height of rows in the table view.

How you can specify table view row height?

To enable self-sizing table view cells, you must set the table view’s rowHeight property to UITableViewAutomaticDimension . You must also assign a value to the estimatedRowHeight property. As soon as both of these properties are set, the system uses Auto Layout to calculate the row’s actual height.

How do I find the height of a tableView?

Use contentSize. height property of UITableView . I think you want to set the whole tableview with content size and then set the scrollview size related content of UITableView and for this use bellow code… After add data or reloadData in UITableView just set bellow code..

How do you change the row height in Ag grid?

To change the row height for the whole grid, set the property rowHeight to a positive number. For example, to set the height to 50px, do the following: this.