What is the main newspaper in San Antonio Texas?

What is the main newspaper in San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio Express-News
San Antonio Express-News has been the voice of South Texas since 1865 and provides news and information to a community of more than 2 million people. San Antonio is the largest major U.S. city with a Hispanic percentage majority and is home to three major military bases.

How do I cancel San Antonio Express-News?

A: You can cancel at anytime, by calling customer service at 210-250-2000 during business hours to review your subscription. Cancellation will become effective at the end of your billing period; refunds and credits will not be provided.

Who owns MySanAntonio?

Lester Jananto –
Lester Jananto – owner – MySanAntonio.com | LinkedIn.

How much is the Sunday San Antonio Express newspaper?

$52 for 52 Weeks of Sunday Home Delivery ($117 Value) The Sunday subscription covers issues including state government, energy policy, fashion, entertainment, food, and sports.

Who owns the Express-News?

the Hearst Corporation
It is owned by the Hearst Corporation and has offices in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. The Express-News is the third largest newspaper in the state of Texas, with a daily circulation of nearly 100,000 copies in 2016.

Can I get the Daily Express delivered?

That’s right – you’ll be able to get your paper delivered through your letterbox for free, for six weeks from signing up. You just pay the cost of the papers. And it’s so easy to take part.

When did the San Antonio Light go out of business?

Jan. 28, 1993
SAN ANTONIO – The light went out 28 years ago in San Antonio. The San Antonio Light newspaper ceased publication on Jan. 28, 1993 after 112 years in business.

Who is the editor of the San Antonio Express News?

San Antonio Express-News

The January 18, 2012 front page of the San Antonio Express-News
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Hearst Corporation
Publisher Susan Pape
Editor Marc Duvoisin

Who owns the Express and Star?

Midland News Association
Express & Star

Type Daily regional newspaper
Owner(s) Midland News Association
Editor Martin Wright
Founded 1874
Headquarters 51–53 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1ES

When was San Antonio Express News founded?

1865San Antonio Express-News / First issue date

How do I login to my San Antonio Express-News account?

If you currently receive home delivery of the San Antonio Express-News, visit www.ExpressNews.com/Access to confirm your account meets the minimum access requirements. Follow the prompts to create your login (email address) and password.

How do I get permission to publish in the San Antonio Express-News?

Copyright Clearance Center handles permissions requests for the San Antonio Express-News. Get permission to publish content from mySanAntonio.com, ExpressNews.com, or the print newspaper by emailing [email protected] Go to Copyright Clearance Center and search for “San Antonio Express-News” to obtain prices and restrictions.

What are the Express-News newsletters?

Our Express-News newsletters provide additional in-depth reporting on topics that are important to you. The newsletters build on the content provided in the Express-News and dig deeper to keep you well informed on what’s going on around you.

Why subscribe to the Express-News?

The newsletters build on the content provided in the Express-News and dig deeper to keep you well informed on what’s going on around you. We have several newsletters covering a variety of topics such as politics, the business sector, restaurants and recipes, sports, real estate and top stories of the day.