What is the maximum flow through a 1 water meter?

What is the maximum flow through a 1 water meter?

Meter Capacity Chart

Meter Size (IN) Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)
1 50
1 1/2 100
2 160
3 500

What is a high flow and low flow water meters?

For billing purposes, with compound meters, two sets of meter readings are taken – a larger meter for the high flows (the “high side”) and another, smaller meter, for the low flows (the “low side”). The usages are then added together and the customer is billed for the combined usage.

What is transitional flow rate in water meter?

Qt – Transitional Flow Rate – The flow rate at which the maximum permitted error of the meter changes. 4. Qmin – Minimum Flow Rate – The lowest flow rate at which the meter accuracy will be within the maximum permitted error.

How do you read a low flow water meter?

Low Flow Indicator: This dial (Low Flow Indicator) will rotate when water passes through the meter. One full rotation of the dial equals 1 gallon of water. The Low Flow Indicator will rotate with very little water movement. Any water moving through the meter is detected so even small leaks will register.

What is GPM in flow meter?

Flow is the volume of fluid that passes in a unit of time. In water resources, flow is often measured in units of cubic feet per second (cfs), cubic meters per second (cms), gallons per minute (gpm), or other various units.

What is rate of flow meters?

in engineering, an instrument for measuring the flow rate, that is, the volume or mass of a medium passing through the instrument per unit time. Rate-of-flow meters are used to control and monitor liquids, vapors, and gases during production, distribution, consumption, and storage.

How do you size a flow meter?

Optical flowmeters use two lights and corresponding detectors to measure how long it takes for a shape to pass, and employ the equation v = d/t where v is the velocity of the fluid, d is the distance between probes, and t is the time interval between sensor detection.

What is a low flow indicator?

What is the red triangle on my water meter?

The small red triangle shaped piece on the dial is a low flow indicator that will rotate if there is any flow through the meter. It is useful when checking for leaks. To check for leaks, shut off all water flow in the house such as faucets, washing machines, etc. Watch the red triangle for at least 5 minutes.

How does a positive displacement flow meter work?

How Does a Positive Displacement Flow Meter Work? All positive displacement flow meters operate by passing isolated, known volumes of a fluid through a series of gears or chambers within the meter. By counting the number of passed isolated volumes, a flow measurement is obtained.