Who paid 10000 for invisible artwork?

Who paid 10000 for invisible artwork?

Aimee Davison
Woman Pays $10,000 For ‘Non-Visible’ Work Of Art : The Two-Way Aimee Davison paid $10,000 for a piece of art that exists only in the artist’s mind. She said she bought it because she identifies with the philosophy that in this new world we “exchange ideas and dreams as currency.”

Who bought the imaginary sculpture?

Salvatore Garau
Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For Real Money Salvatore Garau has sold his latest invisible sculpture. The work, titled “I Am,” doesn’t exist except in the artist’s imagination. The buyer gets a stamped certificate in exchange for $18,000.

Who bought the invisible artwork?

Italian artist Salvatore Garau just sold his invisible sculpture for over $18,000, reports ArtNet. The sculpture is nothing more than empty space. The artwork titled “lo Sono” — “I Am” in Italian — is a 5-by-5 foot square free of obstructions, according to ArtNet.

Is the Museum of Non visible art real?

The Museum of Non-Visible Art is an artist project that will become an actual museum, an institution run by the founders.

Why did Plato look down on the arts?

Plato, on this picture, believes that art perverts and corrupts: being simply “imitation”, it makes us attached to the wrong things – things of this world rather than eternal Forms – and depicts vile and immoral behavior on the part of the gods and humans as if it were normal or admirable.

Is James Franco an artist?

Best known as an actor on film and on stage, as well as a writer, director, and producer, James Franco has established a career as a multimedia visual artist whose oeuvre includes photography, video, paintings, and drawings.

Did Italian artist sell invisible sculpture?

Now, contemporary Italian artist Salvatore Garau has managed to sell an immaterial, or imaginary, masterpiece to an anonymous buyer for an astonishing 15,000 euros (about $18,000)!

Who bought an invisible sculpture?

Gainesville artist Tom Miller in front of his 2016 artwork, Nothing. Earlier this month, an Italian artist named Salvatore Garau went viral when his “immaterial sculpture”—that is, a work of art made of literally nothing—sold for €15,000 ($18,300) at auction.

Was Socrates an artist?

Socrates: The real artist, who knew what he was imitating, would be interested in realities and not in imitations; and would desire to leave as memorials of himself works many and fair; and, instead of being the author of encomiums, he would prefer to be the theme of them.

Why is art ageless and timeless?

Art is ageless because it connects people of different generations, age groups, ethnicity, etc. It has a creative, spiritual sense to it that can have a lasting impact on anyone, irrespective of their age. Art is timeless because it has elements that are deep and complex.