How much is a family meal at La Granja?

How much is a family meal at La Granja?

La Granja Boca Raton Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Shrimp Bowl $7.98 – –
Vegetable Bowl $5.78 – –
Family Meals
1. Half Chicken, Grilled Steak (½ Lb.) & Grilled Pork ( ½ Lb.) Served with large rice, large beans, large french fries, and four sodas. $40.43 – –

What kind of food is La Granja?

La Granja Restaurant Chicken Steak Seafood Peruvian Food.

What country is La Granja?

La Granja, Chile

La Granja
Coordinates (city): 33°32′S 70°37.5′WCoordinates: 33°32′S 70°37.5′W
Country Chile
• Type Municipality

What is Granja?

La Granja (Spanish for “the farm”, cf. grange, monastic grange) may refer to: La Granja, Chile, a commune in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region.

What is the meaning of Granja?

noun. a place where agricultural activities take place.

Where was the first La Granja?

ABOUT US. La Granja Restaurant was established in 1993. Our first location was opened in the beautiful island of Aruba; where the food had a great acceptance.

Who is the owner of La Granja?

Claudia Bartra is the owner of the LaGranja restaurant chain, which operates over 40 locations in South Florida. La Granja Restaurants serve fresh Peruvian cuisine, including Pollo a la Brassa, as was first introduced in their first location in Aruba.

Is La Granja only in Florida?

La Granja restaurants are opening for business all over south and central Florida, with over 30 locations to serve our loyal customers our most mouthwatering specialties.

Is it el or la calle?

Feminine nouns that end with “e” (exceptions): The street – La calle. The meat – La carne. The phrase – La frase.