Where is the river Jubba from?

Where is the river Jubba from?

Originating via its headwater streams in the Mendebo Mountains of southern Ethiopia, it flows about 545 miles (875 km) from Doolow on the Ethiopian frontier to the Indian Ocean just north of Kismaayo, one of Somalia’s three main ports.

Are there any rivers in Somalia?

There are two main rivers in Somalia: the Juba and Scebeli. Both run from the Ethiopian Highlands southeasterly across Somalia to the Indian Ocean. The Juba River empties itself at an estuary near Kismayo.

Where is the source of river Shebeli?

Ethiopian HighlandsShebelle River / SourceThe Ethiopian Highlands is a rugged mass of mountains in Ethiopia in northeast Africa. It forms the largest continuous area of its elevation in the continent, with little of its surface falling below 1,500 m, while the summits reach heights of up to 4,550 m. Wikipedia

Where does river Shabelle ends?

Webi Jubba River
Indian Ocean
Shebelle River/Mouths

Where does river Jubba flow into the Indian Ocean?

Indian OceanWebi Jubba River / Mouth

What countries share a border with Somalia?

Land. Somalia is bounded by the Gulf of Aden to the north, by the Indian Ocean to the east, by Kenya and Ethiopia to the west, and by Djibouti to the northwest. Somalia’s western border was arbitrarily determined by colonial powers and divides the lands traditionally occupied by the Somali people.

What is the biggest lake in Somalia?

Lake Turkana
Max. length 290 km (180 mi)
Max. width 32 km (20 mi)
Surface area 6,405 km2 (2,473 sq mi)
Average depth 30.2 m (99 ft)

Is Somalia a desert?

The land of Somalia consists mostly of plateau regions that rise to hills in the northern part of the country. Somalia is predominantly scrubland and desert. Only 13 percent of the land is arable, and there are few rivers or other dependable sources of fresh water.

Where do the two rivers in Somalia Juba and Shabelle originate from and where does each one end in?

The Juba and Shabelle rivers are the only perennial rivers in the country, but 90% of their flow originates from a neighbouring country – Ethiopia.

Where does Jubba end?

How long is Juba river?

623.9 miWebi Jubba River / Length