Who owns Lonesome Valley Brewing?

Who owns Lonesome Valley Brewing?

Established in 2013. Lonesome Valley Brewing opened on Halloween 2013! Meet the Business Owner: Brian C. Brian Cole has been brewing beer for about 15 years, his beers showcase different flavors with lots of body.

Who bought Anderson Valley Brewing?

the McGee family
Anderson Valley Brewing Company will be acquired by the McGee family.

Who owns Connecticut Valley Brewing?

Steve Palauskas
Steve Palauskas, Owner at Connecticut Valley Brewing Company told Innovation Destination Hartford Website Curator Nan Price about his entrepreneurial experience and how the brewery got started.

Which beer has antlers?

Anderson Valley Brewing Debuts New Antler Bear Branding – American Craft Beer.

Why is it called the Connecticut River?

History. The word “Connecticut” is a corruption of the Mohegan word quinetucket, which means “beside the long, tidal river”. The word came into English during the early 1600s to name the river, which was also called simply “The Great River”. It was also known as the Fresh River, and the Dutch called it the Verse River.

What towns are in the Valley Ct?

We define the Valley as the seven towns that collaborated to win the All-America City Award in the year 2000: Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Naugatuck, Oxford, Seymour, and Shelton.

Which deer has antlers?

Males of almost all deer species grow antlers, used to battle for females. But reindeer are the only species in which the females also grow antlers, and an explanation can be found by looking at bovids, a closely related family including antelopes, goats and sheep.

Do bears have antlers?

Horns occur in males of all species of Bovidae, and females often bear them too. Horns are composed of a bony core covered with a sheath of keratin. Unlike antlers, horns are never branched, but they do vary from species to species in shape and size.