What company has a blue in logo?

What company has a blue in logo?

Boeing, Dell, Ford, General Electric (GE), General Motors (GM), and Intel are listed as dependable. Many of these companies have been around for years. American Express, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase Bank, and Visa may use blue in their logos to help instill trust in these financial brands.

What does blue symbolize in a logo?

A blue logo shows that your brand is professional and logical, but not invasive. It can create a sense of security and trust in your company. That being said, it might not be ideal if your company is a restaurant or another type of business that sells food.

What is the logo of company?

A logo is a visual representation that appears on company signs, paper and advertisements that customers use to identify your company. The best logos offer more than simple identification: they also give customers a sense of your company’s character and values.

Why do companies use the color blue?

These ideas spark enthusiasm and draw customers to a product or service. Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. Consumers can trust in the stability and calm of a product using this color.

Why do so many companies have blue logos?

Did you know that blue is associated with knowledge, trust and accessibility? This is probably one of the main reasons so many companies decide to use this color for their logo. These are often companies that want to reach as many people as possible to show they are reliable and trustworthy.

What is a logo 99designs?

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business. A good logo shows what a company does and what the brand values. Logo design is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company.

Is blue a corporate Colour?

Long considered a corporate color, blue—especially medium and dark blue—is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. What shade of blue is the true corporate blue?

Why do tech brands use blue?

For tech company colors, blue is always true Blue is a perennial choice in corporate branding — not only is it the color most people cite as their favorite, it’s also associated with power and success. Both dark blue and black connote sober authority, something early tech pioneers were anxious to communicate.