What did Churchill say about Mussolini?

What did Churchill say about Mussolini?

Speaking as a “proved friend of Italy”, Mr Churchill said: “I must express my surprise that so great man and so wise a ruler as Signor Mussolini should be willing and even eager to put his gallant nation into such uncomfortable military and financial position.

What were Mussolini’s slogans?

Credere, obbedire, combattere – “Believe, obey, fight”, an Italian Fascist slogan.

What was Mussolini’s speech?

It is a conflict of fruitful, useful peoples against peoples who are in a decline. It is a conflict between two ages, two ideas. Now the die is cast and our will has burned our ships behind us. I solemnly declare that Italy does not intend to drag other peoples bordering on her by sea or land into the conflict.

What were Mussolini last words?

Lampredi said that Mussolini’s last words were “aim at my heart”. In Audisio’s account, Mussolini said nothing immediately prior to or during the execution.

Why did Churchill like Mussolini?

Churchill believed Mussolini to be a good ruler for Italy, and fascism a useful bulwark against Communism.

What was the name of Mussolini’s political party?

Republican Fascist PartyBenito Mussolini / Party
Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party of Italy was named for the fasces, which the members adopted in 1919 as their emblem. The Winged Liberty dime, minted in the United States from 1916 to 1945, depicts the fasces on its reverse side.

What is the speech Dwight gives?

I say salesmen… and women of the world unite! We must never acquiesce for it is together, TOGETHER, THAT WE PREVAIL! We must never cede control of the motherland! For it is together that [the audience] we prevail!”

Have you ever asked yourself in an hour of meditation?

Have you ever asked yourselves in an hour of meditation, which everyone finds during the day,how long we have been striving for greatness? Not only the years we’ve been at war, the war of work, but from the moment as a child when we realized that the world could be conquered. It has been a lifetime struggle.