What is a spanning external fixator?

What is a spanning external fixator?

Joint-spanning external fixation of the wrist may be used as a temporary or definitive treatment in simple or complex distal forearm fractures. The external fixator may be used on its own or to supplement K-wire fixation.

What is hybrid external fixation?

Principles of hybrid external fixation By bridging from the epiphysis to the diaphysis, the fixator stabilizes the metadiaphyseal region. A ring fixator may be useful to hold complex proximal fractures, and attached to the tibial shaft with pins and rods (hybrid fixation).

What is an Ilizarov external fixator?

An Ilizarov external fixator (Ilizarov frame) is a ring-like brace (see figure 1). The frame is applied to the outside of the limb and connected through the unbroken part of the bone inside the limb. This is done by using a number of tensioned wires sometimes called pins.

What is multiplane external fixation device?

Multiple fractures may require several pins and rods, also referred to as multiplane external fixators. The external rods are kept as close to the skin as possible, but should also allow access to open wounds for treatment.

What is an ankle Orif?

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is a type of surgery used to stabilize and heal a broken bone. You might need this procedure to treat your broken ankle. Three bones make up the ankle joint. These are the tibia (shinbone), the fibula (the smaller bone in your leg), and the talus (a bone in your foot).

When performing an ORIF the surgeon may use?

An open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) puts pieces of a broken bone into place using surgery. Screws, plates, sutures, or rods are used to hold the broken bone together.

What types of materials or procedures are used for external fixation of a fracture?

In an external fixator, metal pins or screws are placed into the bone through small incisions into the skin and muscle. The pins and screws are attached to a bar outside the skin. Because pins are inserted into bone, external fixators differ from casts and splints which rely solely on external support.

What is a distal tibia fracture?

Distal Tibial Fractures This is a fracture in the metaphysis, the part of tibia before it reaches its widest point. These fractures are usually transverse (across) or oblique (slanted) breaks in the bone. Distal tibial metaphyseal fractures usually heal well after setting them without surgery and applying a cast.

Is external fixation an open reduction?

Open Reduction and External Fixation refers to techniques that use surgical hardware to stabilize a fracture from the outside of the skin. Your surgeon will make an incision and place your bones in the proper position for healing, then secure the bones with surgical pins that are placed through the outside of the skin.

Can you walk with an external fixator?

Weight-Bearing Precautions Many patients are weight-bearing as tolerated with the external fixator. This means they can walk normally on the fixator, but they cannot run or jump.