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What is Toyota equivalent to the Avensis?

What is Toyota equivalent to the Avensis?

Toyota Avensis
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive Front-engine, four-wheel-drive
Predecessor Toyota Corona/Carina E (Europe) Toyota Vista (V50) (Japan, for T250 model)
Successor Toyota Camry (XV70)

Are Toyota Avensis any good?

Thanks to its competitive price, low running costs, comfort, efficiency and reliability, the Avensis remains a favourite of company car owners and taxi drivers alike. It’s certainly an accomplished machine, but it’s one you buy with your head rather than your heart.

Is Avensis a 7 seater?

The car is full style 7 seater, the last 2 seats can fit a full grown adult unlike some other 7 seaters out there.

Why was Avensis discontinued?

Toyota pulled the Avensis from the UK market in August due to poor sales. They fell to just 3473 units in 2017 – 1660 fewer than in 2016. The larger and plusher Camry is predicted to be more popular with fleet buyers, suggesting it could dwarf those numbers.

What car has replaced the Avensis?

The latest Camry is still larger than the Avensis it replaces, but it’s based on Toyota’s latest scalable platform – which underpins the new Auris, as well as the Prius and C-HR. It will also underpin the upcoming Lexus UX SUV and ES saloon.

Is there a new Toyota Avensis?

Just one look at the all new Toyota Avensis from Globe Motors says premium quality….Highlights.

Year 2019
Vehicle type Saloon
Transmission type Manual Automatic
Transmission details 4-speed
Seat type Fabric Leather

What does Avensis mean?

to advance
Avensis is derived from the French verb ‘advancer’, meaning ‘to advance’ and is indicative of the step forward that the model represented over its predecessor – the Carina E – when it arrived in 1997.