How fast can P platers go in Vic?

How fast can P platers go in Vic?

Victoria Red P plate Restrictions Victorian red P plate rules do not set a special speed limit on drivers. P platers can drive at the signposted speed. Red P platers must have a 0.00% blood alcohol content.

Are WRX P plate legal in Victoria?

P plater drivers can now operate models like the turbocharged Volkswagen Golf 110TSI. Interestingly, the Subaru WRX is P plate prohibited in Victoria in all but the entry-level automatic-transmission variant.

Is 350Z P plate Legal Victoria?

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said the new rules enable P-platers to drive a wider range of safe vehicles. The Nissan 350Z is one of the cars P-platers have been banned from driving. P-Platers who drive cars on the banned list would be fined $519 for the first offence and $796 for the second offence.

Can I drive a turbo on P plates Vic?

In addition, Victoria permits P-platers to drive (without an exemption request) specific Ford Ecoboost, Holden turbo and Nissan turbo vehicles, provided that they have a Power to Mass Ratio identifier on the built date plate (vehicles manufactured before January 1, 2010) that shows that they have less than 130kW per …

Can you drive V8 on L plates Vic?

If you’re wondering can a learner driver drive a V8, the answer is yes – you can drive whatever car your instructor teaches you in, granted it’s not a larger vehicle.

What do blue P plates mean in Victoria?

Peninsula Young Drivers Learn Skills and Safety on our Roads Launched last month, the Blue P program supports learner drivers and their parents with practical driver safety and skills training.

Can you drive a V8 on P plates in Victoria?

P-platers will be able to drive V8 cars and heavy vehicles from next month, but supercars and high-performance vehicles are still off-limits. The Victorian Government is relaxing vehicle restrictions to allow P-platers to drive heavier vehicles for work and smaller fuel-efficient V8 cars.

What v8s are P plate legal Vic?

Under the new laws, P-platers will be allowed to drive V8-powered, turbocharged and supercharged vehicles built in or after 2010 if they have a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 130kW per tonne.

Can I drive a V8 on my PS Vic?

Can P-platers listen to music Vic?

While you may not feel as though you are using your phone, under Victorian rules you are. Both P1 and P2 probationary drivers must never use any hands-free or hand-held device while driving, which includes listening to music.

Can learner drivers tow a trailer in Victoria?

Learner drivers must not tow a trailer or any other vehicle and are not permitted to drive any vehicle that is being towed.

How do I get P plates exemption in Victoria?

An exemption for peer passenger restriction can be granted on the grounds of hardship. Your application will be considered if the nature of your essential activities, occupation, employment or family circumstances means that 120 hours of supervised driving would cause you or your family undue hardship.