How much commission does Scott Boras get?

How much commission does Scott Boras get?

Scott Boras salary/commission: Scott earns a 5% commission on all contracts he negotiates for his clients. So for example, between September 2017 and September 2018, he negotiated $1.88 billion worth of contracts for various clients. His commission on those deals was $105 million.

Who else does Scott Boras represent?

He is the founder, owner and president of the Boras Corporation, a sports agency based in Newport Beach, California, that represents roughly 175 professional baseball clients….

Scott Boras
Education University of the Pacific, PharmD 1977 McGeorge School of Law, JD 1982
Occupation Sports agent
Years active 1980–present

What nationality is Scott Boras?

AmericanScott Boras / Nationality

What degree does Scott Boras have?

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law1982
Pacific McGeorge School of LawUniversity of the PacificElk Grove High School
Scott Boras/Education

Is Scott Boras a good agent?

Scott Boras is the best at what he does. Scott Boras, the super agent, is known for getting the best possible deal for his clients. He is a notorious tough negotiator. Scott Boras has some of the highest paid clients in baseball.

Why is Scott Boras so good?

He’s famous for holding binders on every single client, but as teams developed better and better analytics and benchmarks for performance, the Boras Binder became outdated, and agents like BVW were better able to speak the new language of baseball, and make bigger splashes in the new world of social media, rather than …

How old is Scott Boras?

69 years (November 2, 1952)Scott Boras / Age

Who is Bryce Harper’s agent?

Scott Boras
Why Bryce Harper’s agent, Scott Boras, remains confident in Phillies’ commitment to winning | RSN.

Who is Mike Trout’s agent?

Craig Landis
Craig Landis (born December 29, 1958) is an American sports agent and a former professional baseball player. As an agent, he specializes in baseball represents Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout.

How can I contact Scott Boras?

  1. Address: 2433 Francisco Dr Newport Beach, CA, 92660-3734 United States.
  2. Phone: (949) 760-0188.
  3. Revenue: $3.41 million. Modelled.
  4. Year Started: 1991.

Who is Corey seagers agent?

agent Scott Boras
According to’s Jon Paul Morosi, Rangers officials have met with agent Scott Boras, who represents many of this offseason’s top free agents, including Seager.