Is house exchange a good idea?

Is house exchange a good idea?

Home swapping is safe (we knew you’d ask) Home swapping is by and large a safe way to arrange a stay. According to Costabel, “HomeLink is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. In all of the years we’ve been in business, there’s never been a case of reported theft or vandalism.

How do I prepare my home for HomeExchange?

Including pictures in your “home manual” is a helpful way to demonstrate to your exchange partner how your home operates.

  1. Doors/Street Access: House Number: Make sure it is clearly marked and visible.
  2. Whole home:
  3. Living Room:
  4. Bedrooms:
  5. Closets and Drawers:
  6. Bathroom:
  7. Kitchen:
  8. Cleaning Supplies:

Is HomeExchange a real thing?

HomeExchange, a home swapping site with over 450,000 properties across 159 countries that allows users to list their property, has also noticed a rise in interest. In fact, the number of exchanges finalized on the platform last month was 3% higher than those organized in 2019.

Where is HomeExchange based?

About HomeExchange Founded in 2011, GuesttoGuest is a peer-to-peer home exchange company based in France. The company connects individuals who wish to exchange their home for short or long stays.

How do I prepare to swap houses?

Make sure you leave out plenty of clean towels, a change of bedding and extra blankets. Stock up on essentials. Make it easy for your exchange guests to maintain your home the way you like it, and make their stay more comfortable too. Stock up on cleaning products, toilet paper, soap and detergent.

Is Lovehome swap legit?

In short, we do NOT recommend Love Home Swap as a home exchange website. There are better options out there! We have been much happier with our experience so far on It’s the largest home exchange network online, and there are hundreds of thousands of properties listed all over the world.

Can you swap a house in Australia?

Yes, people who swap homes can still get mortgages. Instead of a single transaction, 2 transactions happen at once. Each ‘swapper’ signs a separate agreement, for each property that is traded.