What is a Britaka?

What is a Britaka?

: a long open horse-drawn carriage with a folding top over the rear seat and a front seat facing the rear.

What does Formont mean?

French (Frémont): from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements frid, fred ‘peace’ (or frija ‘free’, ‘noble’, ‘generous’) + mund ‘protection’.

What is a Calash?

calash, also called calèche, or barouche, (from Czech kolesa: “wheels”), any of various open carriages, with facing passenger seats and an elevated coachman’s seat joined to the front of the shallow body, which somewhat resembled a small boat.

What name is Fremont?

Meaning and Origin of: Fremont French (Frémont) : from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements frid, fred ‘peace’ (or frija’free’, ‘noble’, ‘generous’) + mund ‘protection’.

What does a Calash look like?

What is a Barouche carriage?

Definition of barouche : a four-wheeled carriage with a driver’s seat high in front, two double seats inside facing each other, and a folding top over the back seat.

Is Fremont French?

Who was Fremont California named after?

explorer John C. Frémont
The city, named for explorer John C. Frémont, was formed in 1956 through the amalgamation of five agricultural communities—Centerville, Irvington, Mission San José, Niles, and Warm Springs. Freeway connections stimulated residential and industrial growth as part of San Francisco Bay area development.

What’s a barouche carriage?

What is a Calash top?

Noun. 1. calash top – the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage.

What is the difference between a landau and a barouche?

Checking with Wikipedia, I learned that a barouche is a large, open, four-wheeled carriage, both heavy and luxurious, drawn by two horses. And a landau is a horse-drawn four-wheeled enclosed carriage with a removable front cover and a back cover that can be raised and lowered.