Is Andre 3000 friends with Eminem?

Is Andre 3000 friends with Eminem?

André 3000 has recalled how he and Eminem used to enjoy nerding out over classic hip-hop together. The OutKast musician recalled an early aspect of their friendship while speaking to super-producer Rick Rubin for the Broken Record podcast.

What was the last song Andre 3000 made?

The excerpt, shared via Rolling Stone, includes Outkast’s André 3000 choosing Prince’s “Sometimes it Snows in April” as his final song, as well as the song’s significance to him. “Usually, when someone dies, unless they die of old age or sickness — it happens in a strange way.

Who was Andre 3000 influenced by?

The touchstone influences that led to him making music. During his conversation with Rubin, 3000 acknowledges rap artists and groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, and the Hieroglyphics as some of his early influences.

Is Nas or Eminem better?

Flow: Nas has one of the best flows in rap. But Eminem has arguably the best flow ever. He used so many different and interesting flows and succed in making great and catchy songs most of them. Lyricism: Nas is more poetic and a better storyteller but Eminem is more technical and funnier.

Who is better Andre the 3000 or Eminem?

he’s strongest points are performing,entertaining,comical,lyricists and flow. He beats Eminem on performance and entertainment,the comical part,Eminem edges out Andre by a small margin because they both witty with their comical styles.

What was André 3000 biggest hit?

André 3000 embarked on his musical career in 1991, as a member of the Southern hip hop group OutKast, alongside fellow Atlanta-based rapper Big Boi. Together they have recorded and released six studio albums, and their singles “Ms. Jackson”, “Hey Ya!” and “The Way You Move”, have all topped the US Billboard Hot 100.

Does André 3000 still perform?

Jackson hitmaker. Aside from some occasional features and loose songs, Andre 3000 doesn’t really make music anymore. In a new interview, he gave fans a detailed answer in regards to the reason he’s taken a step back from the music scene.

How did André 3000 Learn to rap?

When it comes to influences, André 3000 looks to an esteemed rapper. His early rap influence was Rakim. The God MC’s smooth delivery and flow inspired him to rap at school talent shows in Atlanta during his teenage years. Working hard has been part of André 3000’s life since he was a teen.