What are some historical events in Philadelphia?

What are some historical events in Philadelphia?

17th-18th centuries

  • 1682 – Philadelphia founded as capital of the English Crown Province of Pennsylvania by William Penn.
  • 1685 – Quaker meeting house built.
  • 1689 – William Penn Charter School founded.
  • 1691 – Appointment of first mayor, Humphrey Morrey, by Penn.
  • 1700 – Swedish Lutheran Gloria Dei Church consecrated.

Is Roxborough considered Philadelphia?

Roxborough is a neighborhood in the Northwest section of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is bordered to the southwest, along the Schuylkill River, by the neighborhood of Manayunk, along the northeast by the Wissahickon Creek section of Fairmount Park, and to the southeast by the neighborhood of East Falls.

Is Roxborough a good neighborhood?

Roxborough has long ranked as the safest neighborhood in Philadelphia with very little violent crime. Families appreciate that day-to-day needs are easy to meet while living in Roxborough with grocery stores and other amenities close at hand. The neighborhood’s elementary schools are also very well regarded.

Why is Philadelphia so historic?

The country’s first World Heritage City, Philadelphia is also the birthplace of the United States, where our Founding Fathers met, discussed, debated and formed a new country. Lucky for 21st-century visitors, so much of Philadelphia’s history has been preserved.

Why is Philadelphia so special?

History – Philadelphia was the birthplace of the nation so it has tons of historical sites, including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, Benjamin Franklin Museum, and more to visit. History is everywhere from these major sites to historic rows of houses, cobblestone streets, and original courtyards.

How many people live in Roxborough?

Demographics. The demographics of Roxborough-Manayunk shows that the area has a population 106,265, with 47,884 males, 58,382 females and a median age of 34.

Who is Gorgas Park named after?

the Gorgas Family
The park is named for the Gorgas Family who settled in the area toward the end of the 17th Century. In 1853, The Fairmount Park Commission bought the property, tore down the mills which were built and run by the family, but retained the homestead and the barn, which existed on the property.

What are the towers in Roxborough?

Roxborough’s antennas. Eight towers stand high above Philly, some of them taller than even the Comcast Tower in Center City. They need to be tall. These towers feature the antennas of almost every FM radio and TV station in Philadelphia.

What is the oldest city in Pennsylvania?

Chester is the oldest City in Pennsylvania. In 1681, William Penn acquired the colonial settlement as a safe haven for Quakers. One year later he landed on the ship Welcome and renamed the settlement Chester, after the city in England.