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Which way is westbound on the M62?

Which way is westbound on the M62?

The M62 is a west-east cross-country motorway. It connects Liverpool with Hull, and passes through Manchester and Leeds. A section of the motorway around Manchester is part of the M60….Exit list.

M62 Motorway
Westbound exits Junction Eastbound exits
Bradford A62 Leeds (M621) 27 Leeds M621 Bately (A62), Morely (A650)

What Junction is milnrow on M62?


M62 motorway junctions
mile km Westbound exits (B Carriageway)
42.5 68.4 Rochdale, Oldham A627(M)
43.7 70.3 Milnrow, Shaw (A640)
Rakewood Viaduct

What Junction is Howden on M62?

Train stations near M62 Junction 37 in Goole

Station Name Distance
Howden 49 min walk VIEW

What Junction is Tingley on M62?

M62 Junction 28
From the M62 Junction 28 (Tingley roundabout), take the A650 heading for Bradford.

What Junction is Brighouse on M62?

M62 Junction 25 Brighouse
M62 Junction 25 Brighouse near Shipley, West Yorkshire.

What Junction is Heywood on M62?

M62 J19 Heywood Interchange |

What Junction is Normanton on M62?

Junction 31
An aerial view of Junction 31 on the M62 at Normanton and Castleford, West Yorkshire.

What Junction is Huyton M62?

The M57 motorway, also known as the Liverpool Outer Ring Road, is a road in England. Designed as a Ring road for Liverpool, it is 10 miles (16 km) long and links various towns east of the city, as well as the M62 and M58 motorways….M57 motorway.

History Constructed 1972–1974
Major junctions
South end Huyton
M62 M58 A5036 A59

Where is Junction 24 on the M62?

M62 J24 Ainley Top Interchange.

Where is Junction 22 on the M62?

Rishworth Moor
Between Manchester and Leeds the M62 traverses the Pennines and its foothills, rising to 1,221 feet (372 m) above sea level east of junction 22 at Rishworth Moor not far from the boundary between Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

How many junctions are there on the M62?

34 junctions
The M62 has 34 junctions, instead of the 38 initially scheduled. Notable features on the route of the M62 include Stott Hall Farm, which is located in the middle of the motorway between junctions 22 and 23 – the M62 traffic drives around it on both sides of the carriageway.

What Junction is Tingley?

Transport. Tingley is perhaps best known for its eponymous roundabout, at the junction of the M62 motorway and the A653 (Dewsbury Road) and the A650 (Bradford Road).