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Do all California apartments accept Section 8?

Do all California apartments accept Section 8?

Under SB 329 and SB 222, all landlords in California will be required to accept Section 8 and VASH vouchers and other forms of rental assistance and to consider them as part of an applicant’s income. Both will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

How much does Section 8 pay for rent in California?

As California struggles with a crisis in affordable housing, state lawmakers are trying to improve a severe shortage of housing available to renters who have federal Section 8 vouchers. The vouchers allow tenants to pay only 30% of their income toward rent, with federal assistance to pay the rest.

Do I have to rent to Section 8 tenants California?

A landlord in California has no obligation to rent to a Section 8 tenant. Rather, the law prohibits a landlord from discriminating against applicants with Section 8 vouchers. The landlord is obligated to accept the vouchers as a source of income and cannot reject those using the vouchers out of hand.

Can I transfer my Section 8 to California?

You can transfer your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to a new jurisdiction, even to another state, if you’re receiving assistance from HUD. Transferring is a “portability” feature of the program.

Can you say no Section 8 in California?

The law added voucher holders to existing California discrimination protections for source of income. Common examples of unlawful behavior: Landlords cannot post “No Section 8” or “No Vouchers” on their rental advertisements. Landlords cannot inquire to see if you have Section 8 before giving you an application.

What is considered to be low income in California?


Family Size (Persons in Family/Household) Annual Family Income
HUD Low Income Level 1 Federal Poverty Level*
1 $66,250 $12,880
2 $75,700 $17,420
3 $85,150 $21,960