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How did Bogra home district get its name?

How did Bogra home district get its name?

Bogra is named after Nasiruddin Bughra Khan, the Governor of Bengal from 1279 to 1282 and the son of Delhi Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban. The city is approximately 69.56 km2 (26.86 sq mi) and is divided into 21 wards.

What is the old name of Bogra?

Bogra, officially called Bogura, formerly Bagura, city, northwestern Bangladesh. It lies on the west bank of the Karatoya River, which is a tributary of the Jamuna River (the name of the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh).

How many villages are there in Bogra?

Subsequently 9 thanas were excluded from the primary infrasture of the district; and greater Bogra district was formed including 7 new thanas….Bogra District.

Others Information of District Name of upazila adamdighi
Union 6
Mouza 112
Village 178
Population 187012

How many wards are in Bogra?

20 wards
Bogra Municipality is subdivided into 20 wards and 111 mahallas.

What was the Bogra Formula?

Bogra Formula The framework proposed the establishment of more effective bicameral parliament that would be composed of National Assembly and the Senate with equal representation from then-five provinces: Punjab, Khyber–Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh, and Bengal.

What is Bangladesh Bogra zip code?

5800Bogura / Zip code

What is the oldest city in Bangladesh?

Mahasthangarh is Bangladesh’s oldest-known city, an archaeological site 200 km north of Dhaka on the banks of the Karatoya River. The site goes back to the 3rd century BCE, to the height of the Mauryan Empire, whose capital was Pataliputra in present-day Patna, the capital of Bihar in Northern India.

Which President of Pakistan died in exile?

Iskander Mirza

His Excellency Major-General Iskander Ali Mirza ইস্কান্দার মির্জা اسکندر مرزا
Died 13 November 1969 (aged 70) London, England
Cause of death Cardiac arrest
Resting place Imamzadeh Abdullah, Tehran, Iran
Citizenship United Kingdom (1899–1947) (1958-1969) Pakistan (1947–1969)

What is the postal code of Shahjahanpur?

Shahjahanpur/Zip codes

What is the zip code of Rajshahi?

6000Rajshahi / Zip code