How long do western white pines live?

How long do western white pines live?

White Pines can live over 400 years. Habitat: Western White Pines grow in moist valleys to fairly dry, open sites. Wetland designation: FACU, Facultative upland, it usually occurs in non-wetlands. Diagnostic Characters: White pines are easily recognized by their long, soft, slender needles in bundles of five.

Where does Western White Pine grow?

Native Range. Western white pine grows along the west coast from latitude 35° 51′ N. in southern Tulare County, CA, to latitude 51° 30′ N. near Butte Inlet in southern British Columbia.

How tall do western white pines grow?

150 to 180 feet
Description and Growth Mature western white pines are among the most impressive trees in the forest. Reaching heights of 150 to 180 feet and diameters of 30 to 42 inches at maturity, the trees have slightly taper- ing stems that are often free of branches for 70 to 100 feet.

How tall are western pine trees?

Western white pine is a large tree, regularly growing to 30–50 metres (98–164 ft) and exceptionally up to 70 metres (230 ft) tall.

What are white pines good for?

Beyond being a great source of tinder, kindling, and firewood (or a handsome Christmas tree), it can also provide food, medicine, and even glue. The white pine is my favorite pine species for making needle tea and pine bark flour, two winter survival staples. The tea is easy to produce.

How fast does white pine grow?

2-3 ft per year
The White Pine is a fast growing (2-3 ft per year or more) evergreen that has needles of from 3-6 inches long and are arranged in bundles of five on the stem.

What is Western White Pine used for?

Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, crates, boxes, wooden matches, interior millwork, carving, and construction lumber. Comments: Western White Pine is the state tree of Idaho, and is sometimes referred to as Idaho White Pine—some high-grade lumber will bear the corresponding stamp: IWP.

Is white pine a softwood?

Yellow pine and white pine are two of the most common and affordable options. White pine is a softwood with a low density and even grain.

What are white pines used for?

The white pine is also grown on tree farms and plantations. The tree has a soft wood and is often used for pulp and to make furniture, crates, paneling, match sticks, and boats. White pine is also cultivated for Christmas trees.

How fast does a Western White Pine grow?

Do white pines grow fast?

Growth Rate This tree grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year.