What year did Lovers Rock come out?

What year did Lovers Rock come out?

Lovers Rock (Sade album)

Lovers Rock
Released 13 November 2000
Recorded September 1999 – August 2000
Studio Sarm Hook End (London) El Cortijo (San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain) Deliverance (London)
Genre Soul reggae

What was the first lovers rock song?

Origins Cultivated principally by British artists in south London during the late 70s and early 80s, Lovers Rock is said to have begun in earnest with 15-year-old Louisa Mark’s 1975 hit, ‘Caught You In A Lie’.

Where is Sade Adu from?

Ibadan, NigeriaSade Adu / Place of birth

Sade, byname of Helen Folasade Adu, (born January 16, 1959, Ibadan, Nigeria), Nigerian-born British singer known for her sophisticated blend of soul, funk, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms. She enjoyed wide critical acclaim and popularity in the 1980s and early ’90s.

Why is it called Lovers Rock?

Once Harris formed a label called Lover’s Rock, borrowing the name from an Augustus Pablo dub B-side, the new music had its name.

Who invented Lovers Rock?

Dennis Harris then set up a new record label, Lover’s Rock, at his South East London Studio on Upper Brockley Road along with John Kpiaye and Dennis Bovell, which gave the new genre a name.

How was Lovers Rock created?

Lover’s rock emerged in the late ’70s as a reaction to the reggae that was synonymous with those who had originally come to Britain from Jamaica as part of the so-called “Windrush” generation.

Is Sade Adu still alive?

Sade (singer)

Sade CBE
Born Helen Folasade Adu 16 January 1959 Ibadan, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
Alma mater Saint Martin’s School of Art
Occupation Singer songwriter actress
Years active 1982–present

Where can I see lovers rock?

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