Is it rude to ask a tattoo artist for a cover up?

Is it rude to ask a tattoo artist for a cover up?

If you need a cover-up, you need a coverup. Not all artists are technically capable of good cover-ups and not all artists like to do them because of the additional constraint but it’s always worth asking. Don’t think of your tattoo as a house you are continually remodelling.

How do I find the best tattoo cover up?

5 Tips on How to Choose a Cover Up Tattoo

  1. Keep the Design Close to the Old Ink.
  2. Consider Building on the Current Design.
  3. Be Prepared for a Bigger Size.
  4. Cover Up Tattoos May Mean More Maintenance.
  5. Research Experienced Cover Up Tattoo Artists.
  6. Consider Laser Tattoo Removal.
  7. Be Realistic.

Are some tattoos impossible to cover up?

It isn’t easy; it requires blending, shading, detail and depth of color applied with skill, which is why it’s worth taking the time to do careful research and find an artist in your area who specializes in cover up tattoos.

Who are the best horror tattoo artists?

Horror tattoo style – The best Tattoo artists

  • Sandry Riffard. France. color black&grey realism horror.
  • Eliot Kohek. France. black&grey horror portrait realism authors style.
  • Angelo Parente. USA. black color graphic horror.
  • Morty. Norway. black horror sketch blackwork.

Are tattoo Cover-Ups hard?

Covering up a coverup proves to be very hard for tattoo artists and is very limiting. Make sure your coverup is something you definitely want to have on your skin forever. You’ll also want to find a tattoo artist who specializes in the style of tattoo you would like to have coverup the original.

Are tattoo touch ups free?

Many reputable artists will guarantee their work and throw in a touch-up free of charge. However, doing without proper aftercare can void your “warranty.” If you’re neglecting your tattoo against your artist’s recommendation, you’ll likely have to shoulder the price of a touch-up yourself.