What is a closed pack position?

What is a closed pack position?

closed-packed position Of a joint, the position in which there is maximum congruency of the articular surfaces and joint stability is derived from the alignment of bones. This is the opposite of the maximum loose-packed position.

What is the resting position of the hip?

Hip should be placed in resting position – 30 flex, 30 abd, 20 ER. Lean away from patient gliding femoral head in lateral, inferior and posterior direction – “down and out”.

What is open and closed-packed position?

Open (loose) packed position. Least amount of joint surface congruity, capsule/support ligament lax, accessory motion max, when you want to do manual therapy. Closed packed position. Most amount of joint congruency and joint stress, capsules tight accessory motion minimal.

What is an open pack position?

The position of a joint where it is unlocked and free to move.

What is the closed pack position of the knee?

The close-packed position for the knee, wrist, and interphalangeal joints is at full extension, and for the ankle joint at full dorsiflexion. Any movement away from the close-packed position takes a joint into the loose-packed position in which the area of contact and joint stability is reduced.

What is closed pack position for AC joint?

The resting position of the AC joint is with the arm by the side in standing. The closed packed position is at 90 degrees abduction. The capsular pattern is at the extremes of ROM especially horizontal adduction and full elevation.

What is the hip capsular pattern?

The full capsular pattern of the hip is. characterised by gross limitation of medial rotation, flexion, and abduction. Furthermore, there is a slight limitation of extension and little or no limitation of lateral rotation.

Which joint actions represent a closed packed position?

The closed packed position is dorsiflexion and the open packed position of the ankle joint is plantar flexion. Open packed positions have the highest risk of ligamentous injury. In a closed chain plantar flexion at the ankle, the subtalar and transverse tarsal joints are closed packed.