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What is a good brand of snowboard?

What is a good brand of snowboard?

The 13 Best Snowboard Brands

  • Arbor. Closing in on their 25th anniversary in November 2021, The Arbor Collective has set themselves apart by keeping sustainability at their core.
  • Burton. In so many ways, the name “Burton” is synonymous with snowboarding.
  • CAPiTA.
  • GNU.
  • Jones.
  • K2.
  • Lib Tech.
  • Never Summer.

Which is the best snowboard in the world?

The 9 Best Snowboards of 2021-2022

  • Salomon Assassin Pro.
  • Ride Zero – Unisex.
  • GNU Ravish C2 – Women’s.
  • Lib Tech T.Rice Orca.
  • Burton Process Flying V.
  • Salomon Huck Knife Pro.
  • Arbor Poparazzi Rocker LTD – Women’s.
  • Jones Dream Catcher – Women’s.

Do snowboard brands matter?

Brand and graphics are not that important. It might come as a shock to you, but there is no statistical correlation between the naked-ness of that chick on the board and your riding ability. Most major snowboard brands these days are pumping out high quality boards, that look sick.

What snowboards do pro riders use?

Top 5 Pro Model Snowboards Of 2019

  • 2019 Burton Deep Thinker. The 2019 Burton Deep Thinker is one of two of Danny Davis’ brainchild snowboards for this season.
  • 2019 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro.
  • 2019 Capita Scott Stevens Pro.
  • 2019 DC Media Blitz.
  • 2019 Nitro X Volcom Beast.

Is Lamar snowboard a good brand?

K2, Sims, Burton, Lamar, and Salomon are the worst snowboard brands that you should avoid to make your rides more enjoyable. A poor brand selection can ruin your snowboarding season. Before buying snowboarding gear, determine your skill level and riding style.

Who is the largest snowboard manufacturer?

Top Snowboard Manufacturers in the USA

Company Annual Est. Revenue
1. $678 Million
2. Burton Snowboards $214 Million
3. Ride Snowboards (K2 Sports) $105 Million
4. Mervin Manufacturing $54 Million