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Where is La Costa Smeralda Sardinia?

Where is La Costa Smeralda Sardinia?

northern Sardinia
The Costa Smeralda (Italian: [ˈkɔsta zmeˈralda], lit. ‘Emerald Coast’; Gallurese: Monti di Mola; Sardinian: Montes de Mola) is a coastal area and tourist destination in northern Sardinia, Italy, with a length of some 20 km, although the term originally designated only a small stretch in the commune of Arzachena.

Where is the best place to live in Sardinia?

The Nicest Small Towns And Cities In Sardinia

  • Cagliari.
  • Dolianova.
  • Serdiana.
  • Pula.
  • Carloforte.
  • Sant’Antioco.
  • Calasetta.
  • Oristano.

How do you get to Costa Smeralda?

How to go to the Costa Smeralda

  1. From Olbia: Porto Cervo is located just 40 min by car from Olbia. Flying to Olbia is the best option for a stay on the Costa Smeralda.
  2. From Alghero: Costa Smeralda is 2h15 away by car.
  3. From Cagliari: it will take around 3h30 by car to reach Porto Cervo, on the Costa Smeralda.

Who owns Costa Smeralda?

Costa Smeralda (ship)

Owner Carnival Corporation & plc
Operator Costa Cruises
Port of registry Genova, Italy

How big is the Costa Smeralda?

“Costa Smeralda is the first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered cruise ship in the fleet of Costa Cruises.” The vessel is 337m-long and 42m-wide and has a gross registered tonnage of 180,000t. Costa Smeralda can carry 6,554 passengers and 1,646 crew members and sails at a service speed of 17k.

Can foreigners buy property in Sardinia?

There are no restrictions for foreigners who want to buy properties in Italy.

What are Costa Smeralda emeralds?

In terms of gemological features, the Le Vian® Costa Smeralda Emeralds™ are in line with other high-quality beryls. It’s a highly transparent stone with a vitreous luster (aka a stunning glass-like shine) and it beautifully reflects light, which in turn enhances its entrancing verdant color.