Who made the dreams and nightmares beat?

Who made the dreams and nightmares beat?

Track listing

No. Title Producer(s)
1. “Dreams and Nightmares” The Beat Bully
2. “In God We Trust” Black Metaphor
3. “Young & Gettin’ It” (featuring Kirko Bangz) Jahlil Beats
4. “Traumatized” Boi-1da Jordan Evans Matthew Burnett

Why did Meek Mill make Dreams and Nightmares?

Meek Mill released a statement to Bleacher Report and NBC Sports Philadelphia last week saying that the Eagles’ ability to overcome adversity en route to the Super Bowl with “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)” as their soundtrack motivated him.

Is Dreams and Nightmares a classic?

“It will always be a Philadelphia classic — and a hip-hop classic, period,” Philly DJ Cosmic Kev told Billboard about “Dreams” in 2018. “That record could be 30 years old and it will still be an anthem; it’s timeless.”

What BPM is dreams and nightmares?

Dreams and Nightmares is a moody song by Meek Mill with a tempo of 80 BPM. It can also be used double-time at 160 BPM.

What’s the Philly anthem?

“The Eagles’ Victory Song” (popularly known as “Fly, Eagles Fly”) is the fight song of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. The song is played following each Eagles touchdown at home and as part of pre-game festivities before the playing of the national anthem.

What’s Tory Lanez real name?

Daystar PetersonTory Lanez / Full name
Daystar Peterson, also known as Tory Lanez comes from Ontario but moved to Florida at the beginning of his teenage years where he developped an interest for rap music. His stage name comes from the fact that he was spending the majority of his time loitering in the streets as we call them lanes.

How many streams does dreams and nightmares have?

Following the game, the song garnered a total of 1.47 million album and video streams, collectively. Additionally, “Dreams and Nightmares” was reportedly streamed 854,000 times during the Super Bowl. Meek Mill is currently serving 2 to 4 years for parole violation.