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How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor at John Jay?

How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor at John Jay?

You may schedule an appointment during our office hours for major advisement by contacting [email protected].

How do you ask for academic advisement?

Questions First-Year College Students Should Ask

  1. What will my class schedule look like?
  2. How much room do I have to explore?
  3. What opportunities should I take advantage of?
  4. What are the “stumble courses” for my major?
  5. How can I salvage my course grade or my GPA?
  6. Can I graduate early?

What is academic advisement for college?

Academic advising takes place in “situations in which an institutional representative gives insight or direction to a college student about an academic, social, or personal matter. The nature of this direction might be to inform, suggest, counsel, discipline, coach, mentor, or even teach.”

Is John Jay a reputable school?

The 2019 rankings of top public colleges and universities reaffirm John Jay College’s standing among the best, particularly when it comes to quality education at an affordable price and to propelling student social mobility.

How do I declare a minor at John Jay?

Declare or Change Your Minor: The Declaration of Minor form can be found on the J Stop website. The completed form can be emailed to [email protected] or handed in to the Jay Express counter.

Who is advisor Lehigh?

Log into Banner via and click Student Services –> Student Academic Records –> View Student Information. This page will show your assigned advisor, as well as your student status, expected graduation date, and more.

How do you email an appointment to an advisor?

In preparation for the upcoming semester, I would like to meet with you to discuss my academic program, grades, course schedule, etc. Can I make an appointment to visit your office and outline a beneficial strategy for me prior to course registration? Please let me know a day and time that work well for you.

How do I introduce myself to my academic advisor?

Introduce yourself Simply giving your preferred name, year, major, and the course you’re enrolled in can provide a great deal of context.

How do I make an appointment with academic advisor UCR?

To schedule an appointment or to view available drop-in hours, please use the CHASS Student Advising Appointment System ( ). If you are unable to access Zoom, please email your Academic Advisor. Drop-ins will only be available remotely.

Is John Jay the best criminal justice school?

CollegeChoice.Net ranked John Jay College #1 as the best undergraduate degree in criminal justice in the country. The website recognized John Jay’s offering as the best among “those programs that are the country’s absolute best at training leaders in law enforcement and criminology.”

Is John Jay part of NYU?

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Motto “Fierce Advocates for Justice.”
Type Public college
Established 1964
Academic affiliations City University of New York
Endowment $7,294,831