Who plays April in vampire Diaries season 4?

Who plays April in vampire Diaries season 4?

Grace Phipps
Grace Phipps portrays April Young in The Vampire Diaries. Phipps made her first appearance in the second episode of Season Four.

Is April a vampire in vampire Diaries?

25 April Young He was a vampire hunter*. Despite multiple compulsions, she eventually found out the truth thanks to a vervain bracelet from Jeremy. Not only did it seem that the series wanted its fans to forget about her, the show did as well.

What happened in vampire Diaries season 4 episode 23?

When Bonnie petrified Silas into a stone statue, it seemed like his identity might remain a secret forever but in The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 23, the truth was revealed. Stefan was about to throw Silas’ petrified body in a quarry but found that his body was missing.

Why is sharing vampire’s blood personal?

According to a 2012 article in EW, Julie Plec shed some light on blood sharing. “If you look at any of it metaphorically, it’s a very intimate exchange of bodily fluids. So you can read into that what you will. Well, it’s like vampire naked cuddling,” she said.

Is Elena a vampire in season 4?

In the television series’s fourth season, Elena becomes a vampire and dies then deals with the struggles that come with her change. She took the cure and became human again towards the end of the sixth season. In the finale of the sixth season, Kai linked Elena to Bonnie’s life by magic.

Why did April leave TVD?

After finding out about the supernatural, April was fed up with Elena and her friends causing problems in Mystic Falls; this only left Rebekah for April to trust. They worked together until April was no longer seen on the show.

Does Elena compel April?

Luckily, Caroline Forbes stops Elena before she can get close to April. Caroline reminds her that April is her friend, not a food source, and that she’s an orphan, just like Elena. Afterwards, Elena calms down and is able to compel April to forget that Connor attacked her.

When does season 4 of the Vampire Diaries come out?

Vampire Diaries, The: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD) The CW’s Number 1 show returns for another explosive season — and you won’twant to miss a minute. Featuring a hot ensemble cast, the fourth seasonstarts off with everything in transition.

Is the Vampire Diaries an appropriate TV show?

This is the opposite of that twilight crap, so everyone with taste will adore The Vampire Diaries! Great for Pre-teens and up. I think the Vampire Diaries is appropriate for kids +13 and up. Although some of the languages that are used may not appropriate, but Stefan is a great role model to kids.

Why was Vampire Diaries cancelled?

Why was Vampire Diaries cancelled? Rumor has it that the channel quietly canceled The Vampire Diaries to invest in derivatives . It was then that Plec had time to elaborate a final story and also bring Nina Dobrev to the final episode. Plec explained that he felt the need to end the story. What is the Order of the Vampire Diaries?

How well do you know the Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries is an amazing TV show that premiered in 2009 and ended in 2017. Indeed, it is hard to believe that eight years have passed since the show first aired. It feels like only yesterday we were watching the first season of the series.