What does UHA stand for insurance?

What does UHA stand for insurance?

the University Health Alliance
In 1996, a group of physician teachers at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine decided to make a difference. They created the University Health Alliance to bring a simpler, more caring approach to employee health insurance. Since then, UHA has grown to offer the largest physician network in Hawaii.

Is UHA Medicare?

UHA also participates in government programs such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medi-Cal, and TriCare. If you have any other questions, please call 1-888-924-1036.

What does UHA 3000 cover?

**Covered, including prenatal, false labor, delivery, and postnatal services provided by your physician or certified nurse midwife. Maternity care does not include related services such as nursery care, labor room, hospital room and board, diagnostic testing, and other lab work and radiology.

Is Hawaii Healthcare cheap?

Costs of employee contributions to health plans are among the nation’s lowest, according to a new report.

Does UHa cover acupuncture?

UHA does not cover acupuncture for any other indication.

Does UHA cover acupuncture?

Does UHa cover breast pump?

Health care insurance providers in Hawaii, such as AlohaCare, Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), Kaiser Permanente, Ohana Health Plan, TRICARE, United HealthCare Services, and University Health Alliance (UHA) provide breast pumps, breast pump supplies and breastfeeding counseling at no cost for new mothers.

How can I make a living in Hawaii affordable?

How to Live Cheap in Hawaii

  1. Inexpensive Housing. Choose your location carefully.
  2. Groceries and Meals. Save money on food by buying in bulk at large discount stores, such as Costco or Sam’s Club.
  3. Daily Living. Use public transportation whenever possible.

Does my health insurance cover me in Hawaii?

The Short Answer: All plans cover emergency services at any hospital in the United States, regardless of what state plan was purchased from, with the exception of Hawaii.

What is the cheapest city to live in Hawaii?

Most Affordable Places to Live in Hawaii

  • Hana, Maui.
  • Hilo, Island of Hawaii.
  • Kahuku, Oahu.
  • Kapa’a, Kauai.
  • Wailuku, Maui.
  • Waimalu, Oahu.

How does Hawaii health insurance work?

Under the Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act, employees get employer-sponsored health insurance as long as they work at least 20 hours per week. The employee’s share of the premium (for self-only coverage) is very minimal, and the maximum waiting period for coverage eligibility is much shorter than federal law allows.