What does the NASS do?

What does the NASS do?

NASS is the statistical agency for USDA. As the statistical agency for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for more than 150 years, NASS is the official source of primary, comprehensive, current information on the farms, ranches, and people who provide food, feed, and fiber to our nation and the world.

Are USDA surveys mandatory?

The USDA is required by statute to conduct a census of agriculture every five years. The census covers anyone with a farm.

What does an agricultural statistician do?

Design the surveys, build the frames, conduct various phases of large-scale surveys, develop procedures for interpreting survey results, and analyze the data for trends and results. May include commodity or survey statistics, remote sensing, the Census of Agriculture, and management.

What is the NASS report?

NASS survey data are used to produce forecasts of area, yield, production, value, and stocks for major crop and livestock products, as well as for estimates of the historical number of farms and land in farms, land rental rates and values, farm labor usage, fertilizer and chemical usage, computer usage and ownership on …

How is statistics applied in agriculture?

Many data in agriculture are of numerical character which are accompanied with the existence of the variability of data. Variability is a characteristic of biological and agricultural data. Statistics can be used as a tool for research, spreading in many fields of research, like in agronomy.

How do you cite Nass?

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What is agricultural survey?

Information: The Agricultural Survey collects area and production data for a wide range of agricultural commodities. This commodity data is used to produce data on the Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced (VACP). Information on inputs to the production process is also collected and disseminated.

What is the 2021 National agricultural Classification Survey?

The National Agricultural Classification Survey is a nationwide effort to identify potential agricultural operations in the United States. The results of this survey will help provide the best possible coverage for the 2022 Census of Agriculture.

How is Agriculture classified?

Depending upon the geographical conditions, demand of produce, labour and level of technology, farming can be classified into two main types. These are subsistence farming and commercial farming.

What is meant by agricultural statistics?

The principal tasks involved in agricultural statistics are the collection, processing, and analysis of statistical data that characterize the current status and development of agriculture and the fulfillment of production plans. Such data are used to draw up yearly and long-range plans for agricultural production.

How many agronomists are there in the US?

3,642 Agronomists
Research Summary. There are over 3,642 Agronomists currently employed in the United States.