Where is aerolab in Golden Cheetah?

Where is aerolab in Golden Cheetah?

Save each run as a separate file and load them into Golden Cheetah, run the estimate power values program if you don’t have a power meter then open Aerolab by clicking the Hamburger Menu on the top right of the activities screen then add chart followed by Aerolab Chung Analysis.

Is Golden Cheetah good?

Golden Cheetah is one of the most powerful and popular cycling data analysis tools available today. It’s a free alternative to Training Peaks WKO. There are so many features that it has a very steep learning curve but it’s easy to get started and well worth the effort to dive deeper into the advanced features.

What is CP ext Golden Cheetah?

Golden Cheetah Specific Glossary. CP: Critical Power. A power that theoretically can be maintained for an indefinitely long time without fatigue.

Is Golden Cheetah open source?

Is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Is released under an Open Source license.

What is wk04?

WKO4 Is For You If: You want to use the new Power Duration Curve for determining Functional Threshold Power (FTP) with less testing. You want to view Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC), the amount of work that can be done above FTP before fatigue occurs.

What is CV running?

CV is a hard – but not-too-hard – running pace aimed at improving the aerobic capacity of fast-twitch muscle fibres, leading to stronger, longer runs. This sort of training could help you achieve your goals without leaving you mentally and physically spent at the end of a training session.

What is W Bal Tau?

Similarly when you slack off slightly you replenish your W’ stores and you will likely replenish them at your own rate (your ‘tau’). W’bal is the balance for you of “how much W’ you have left”. As I said, in layman’s terms, it’s how much ‘oomph’ is left right now.

What is RR in Golden Cheetah?

to golden-che… Ramp Rate. The rate at which the long term stress has been increasing. It looks back 7 days, or whatever you have configured in preferences for STS. So, negative figures indicate CTL/LTS has been dropping recently and positive means its been increasing.

What are metrics in cycling?

Metric Biking Events A Metric Century is a long distance bicycle challenge ride, a distance of 100 km or about 250 laps around a typical U.S. high school track (~400 meters per lap).

What is a good threshold power?

48.6% of people have an FTP below 3.4W/kg. 42.1% of people have an FTP of 3.6W/kg or more. 9.3% of people have an FTP between 3.4W/kg and 3.6W/kg.

What is WKO4?

BY TrainingPeaks. WKO4 continues to change how data is used to help coaches and athletes achieve their goals. Now available for PC and Mac, this highly advanced software allows for new ways to compare data, introduces new metrics, and gain faster insights.