Why is Serampore famous?

Why is Serampore famous?

Serampore was famous for its superior education institutions and William Carey founded the Serampore College. It was also the first College University in Bengal. The town is also known for publication of the first Bengali Newspaper, Samachar Darpan.

Which place is called Denmark of West Bengal?

Serampore Srirampore
It is a pre-colonial city on the west bank of the Hooghly River. It was part of Danish India under the name Frederiknagore from 1755 to 1845….Serampore.

Serampore Srirampore Sreerampur
District Hooghly
Region Greater Kolkata
Founded by Danish

Was Serampore a Dutch colony?

Although the most dominant European culture to have left a mark in India, and in Bengal, was that of the English, in Serampore, a small town near Kolkata, there was a thriving Dutch colony.

Is Serampore Urban?

Although Serampore city has population of 181,842; its urban / metropolitan population is 14,035,959 of which 7,251,908 are males and 6,784,051 are females….Serampore City Population 2011.

City Serampore
Government Municipality
Urban Agglomeration Kolkata Metropolitan
State West Bengal

Who founded Kolkata?

Job Charnock
The history of Kolkata as a British settlement, known to the British as Calcutta, dates from the establishment of a trading post there by Job Charnock, an agent of the English East India Company, in 1690.

Who defeated Portuguese in Bengal?

End of settlement In 1666, the Mughal viceroy Shaista Khan retook control of Chittagong after defeating the Arakanese in a naval war. The Mughal conquest of Chittagong brought an end to the Portuguese dominance of more than 130 years in the port city.

What is the population of Chandannagar?


Chandan Nagar Chandernagore Chandernagor
Elevation 9 m (30 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 166,867
• Density 8,800/km2 (23,000/sq mi)

Which is the largest subdivision of West Bengal?

Serampore sub division is the most urbanised, and the one with the highest density of population, of all the subdivisions of Hooghly district.

Which is the largest bridge in Kolkata?

The bridge is about 2.709 km (1.6832 Miles) long built on the Teesta river. Currently, it is the longest river bridge of West Bengal….

Joyee Setu
Coordinates 26°20′34″N 88°52′31″E
Other name(s) Joyee Bridge
Contracted lead designer SP Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd.