Who invented Azul?

Who invented Azul?

Michael Kiesling
Azul (Portuguese for blue) is an abstract strategy board game designed by Michael Kiesling and released by Plan B Games in 2017….Azul (board game)

Designers Michael Kiesling
Players 2–4
Playing time 30–45 minutes

How many copies of Azul have sold?

two million copies
One of which is Azul, a top selling title that has sold over two million copies worldwide and is available in 35 languages.

How many versions of Azul are there?

THREE versions
Azul is one of the hottest board games of the past decade for hobby gamers and casuals alike. The only problem is, there are now THREE versions to choose from.

What makes Azul special?

Clase Azul bills itself as a high quality tequila, which does come in a beautiful unique decanter bottle. The Reposado has zero burn, is smooth and tastes like cream soda, but even more sugary. It is more balanced than the blanco and is sweet and has a soft finished taste.

Who owns Casa Azul Tequila?

founder Arturo Lomeli
Clase Azul founder Arturo Lomeli admits his first tequila was ‘terrible.

Is Azul fun for 2 players?

There is nothing wrong with abstract games and Azul happens to be one of the best two-player games in that genre. Throughout the game, players take turns drafting colored, beautiful and chunky tiles and placing them on their player boards according to the rules.

Is Azul summer pavilion stand alone?

Like Sintra, Summer Pavilion is a standalone game that borrows the core drafting gameplay of Azul, where players collect tiles of a particular colour from one of several ‘factory’ boards, but leads it in a brand new direction.

Is Azul like Qwirkle?

#02 | Azul Azul makes the list of games like Qwirkle because it is another award winning game that is driven by collecting the right pieces and putting them in the right places.

Which is better Azul or Azul Summer Pavilion?

VERDICT. Verdict For the Shelf: Azul (5% of the time) and Azul: Summer Pavilion (95% of the time). This may come as a shocker in Azul vs Summer Pavilion, the original versus the third in the series, but Summer Pavilion is a better game. Only go with Azul classic if you can get a really good deal.