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Who uses B Bender guitars?

Who uses B Bender guitars?

Other guitarists who have put a B-Bender to good use include James Hetfield (Metallica), Pete Townshend, Albert Lee, Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and David Gilmour.

What is AG and B Bender?

The Forrest DB Boost B and G Bender is a string bender’s dream. This tugs the upper-bout strap button through a routed slot, triggering a mechanism that runs through the body to the bridge area, where it raises the string’s pitch. This ingenious device can also be attached to the G string.

How does the B Bender work?

Feeling the pull of the Bender Bending two strings at the same time. You bend the G string (the normal way, with your fingers) up a full tone and simultaneously “pull” the B string up a full tone. Or one bend can go up as the other goes down, resulting in contrapuntal bending notes.

Does James Hetfield use AB bender?

As you peruse the admittedly country-music-centric list below, remember that even Metallica’s James Hetfield has used a B-bender from time to time. It’s just a handy device. Enjoy the tunes below!