What are the two meanings of launch?

What are the two meanings of launch?

1a : to throw forward : hurl launched an arrow at a target. b : to release, catapult, or send off (a self-propelled object) launch a rocket. 2a : to set (a boat or ship) afloat. b : to give (a person) a start launched her on a new career.

What is mean by commenced?

Definition of commence transitive verb. : to enter upon : begin commence proceedings. intransitive verb. 1 : to have or make a beginning : start. 2 chiefly British : to take a degree at a university.

What is meaning of lunching?

to eat lunch
/lʌntʃ/ us. /lʌntʃ/ to eat lunch: I’m lunching with Giles. Meals & parts of meals.

What is the noun form of launch?

/lɔːntʃ/ [usually singular] the action of launching something. a missile/rocket launch.

Will be commencing meaning?

to begin something: We will commence building work in August of next year.

Was commenced or commenced?

The definition of commenced means started or began. When the graduation ceremony started five minutes ago, this is an example of when the graduation ceremony commenced. Simple past tense and past participle of commence.

What does it mean lounging?

verb (used without object), lounged, loung·ing. to pass time idly and indolently. to rest or recline indolently; loll: We lounged in the sun all afternoon. to go or move in a leisurely, indolent manner; saunter (usually followed by around, along, off, etc.).

What is launching in ICT?

1. Launch is a term used to describe the opening or execution of a program or task.

What is the full meaning of launched?

to burst out or plunge boldly or directly into action, speech, etc. to start out or forth; push out or put forth on the water. noun. the act of launching.

What type of word is launched?

launch verb (SEND) to send something out, such as a new ship into the water or a spacecraft into space: A spokesman for the dockyard said they hoped to launch the first submarine within two years.

What’s the difference between start and commence?

As verbs the difference between start and commence is that start is to set in motion while commence is to begin, start.

Does commencing mean starting?

The definition of commencing refers to something that is beginning or starting. When graduation is beginning right this minute, this is an example of a situation where graduation is commencing. Present participle of commence.