What does wide variation mean?

What does wide variation mean?

DEFINITIONS2. singular/uncountable the existence of differences in amount, number, level, form etc. wide/considerable variation: There is considerable variation in size, method of construction, and design. It’s an issue around which there is a wide variation of opinion.

Is the meaning of variability?

What Is Variability? Variability, almost by definition, is the extent to which data points in a statistical distribution or data set diverge—vary—from the average value, as well as the extent to which these data points differ from each other.

What is the synonym of variation?

In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for variation, like: fluctuation, variety, correlation, fixity, unchangeableness, likeness, change, aberration, difference, disparity and similarity.

What is the meaning of the word gap?

1 : an opening made by a break or rupture She squeezed through a gap in the fence. 2 : an opening between mountains. 3 : a hole or space where something is missing There are some gaps in his story.

What is the meaning of variation in biology?

variation, in biology, any difference between cells, individual organisms, or groups of organisms of any species caused either by genetic differences (genotypic variation) or by the effect of environmental factors on the expression of the genetic potentials (phenotypic variation).

What are examples of variations?

For example, humans have different coloured eyes, and dogs have different length tails. This means that no two members of a species are identical. The differences between the individuals in a species is called variation.

What is an example of variability?

A simple measure of variability is the range, the difference between the highest and lowest scores in a set. For the example given above, the range of Drug A is 40 (100-60) and Drug B is 10 (85-75). This shows that Drug A scores are dispersed over a larger range than Drug B.

Why does variability exist?

There is always variability in a measure. Variability comes from the fact that not every participant in the sample is the same. For example, the average height of American males is 5’10” but I am 6’3″. I vary from the sample mean, so this introduces some variability.

What is the common meaning of variation?

1 : a change in form, position, or condition Our routine could use some variation. 2 : amount of change or difference Scientists record the variations in temperature.

What are the research gaps?

We define a research gap as a topic or area for which missing or inadequate information limits the ability of reviewers to reach a conclusion for a given question. A research gap may be further developed, such as through stakeholder engagement in prioritization, into research needs.